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How to select the right tag?

Confidex tags are compatible with most UHF RFID hardware.

There is a huge variety of different kind of tags available with different properties. And remember, they all are compatible with any Gen2 reader. Reader devices and tags can be selected totally independently based on other requirements in your application.

So, what should you take into account? Read on »


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Why use RFID - ThingMagic.com


There are multiple reasons one would want to use RFID:

Use RFID if you want to wirelessly identify something without line of sight. Line of sight means that one could draw a straight line going directly from the reader to the object without interruption. This is literally what is done for bar codes via a laser, but mirrors are used to make the laser look a little fancier. If the laser can't...

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Everything You Need to Know About RFID | TurboFuture

Everything You Need to Know About RFID

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Materials management is very much important in the business. With the advancement of science and technology, RFID is created, making inventory tasks fast and easy. | Source


In recent years,...

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M3 Mobile


�Powerful, Rugged & Dynamic M3 Orange+

M3 Orange+�is a rugged industrial PDA which provides all the functions you require for your daily mobile business operations

o�1D / 2D scanners (as for customer's selection)�

o�High-resolution 3.2M pixel color camera with flash and auto-focus.�

o�3G (HSDPA+) and 2G (GPRS/EDGE) network for high-speed and reliable voice & data...

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RFID Based Attendace System - DNA Technology



In all aspects of our life, we encounter event recording applications very often. Recording of any entity be it sound, pictures, events etc. is very useful as it enables us to manipulate data to our requirements. One can exploit the full potential of the recorded information for specific user defined purposes. Keeping in mind the significance of event...

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