RFID Blocking Wallet - Anti-Theft Travel Gear

2 Dividers for Currency

The Travelon RFID Blocking Wallet is perfect for anyone who wants additional security for their credit cards and Passport ID Card! No longer just for travel this wallet protects your identity every day.�

The protective RFID Blocking Wallet will not only organize your passport card, credit cards, and money, but it blocks unauthorized RFID readers from accessing your...

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Date: 2017-03-04 03:29:50
Website: https://www.corporatetravelsafety.com

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GoTEK7 - Real Time GPS Tracker - Tracking Device - GPS ...

GoTEK7 - Real Time GPS Tracker - Tracking Device - GPS Trackers

o Combined Tracking Technology

o Ultra Low Power Consumption

o Indoor Tracking

NEW Updates : SIGFOX tracking update in the UK - Major cities like Manchester and Birmingham

A new world is coming...

where things can communicate with us


|3G Bonds for the USA

You can now download our New App GoTEK7 Products with all our news, all...

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Website: https://www.gotek7.com

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RFID Pickpocketing Debunked - Scott Schober

RFID Pickpocketing Debunked

Pickpocketing might seem like a crime from centuries past but that doesn't stop me from checking my wallet periodically when I stroll through crowded areas. As a wireless and cybersecurity expert, paranoia is part of my business but that doesn't mean we all have to succumb to that psychosis. That's why I wanted to cover digital pickpocketing, some truths and...

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Website: https://scottschober.com




The sleeves shown on some of the videos on this site are the EXACT same sleeves you see here. They are the same as the sleeves we supply to ICBC (see photo) and various police and crime prevention agencies in various states and provinces.

We applaud the efforts our close friends in this industry we collaborate with in bringing the dangers of the RFID technology...

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Website: http://www.chipblockers.com

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Aluminium foil - RFID Cloaked - Protecting your RFID ...


Aluminium foil - the myth

It is widely reported that simply wrapping your radio frequency�card be it ID card or credit card in aluminium foil will protect you from e pickpocketing, RFID hacking or cloning. This is not a complete truth and a simple evidence based test proves the case .

Aluminium foil or kitchen foil�as an RFID blocker

What aluminium foil can do is reduce the effectiveness of card readers and interfere with the performance of the card being read which is...

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Website: http://rfidcloaked.com

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RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) - DonsNotes

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

Under Construction.

2015 seems to be the year of contactless payment and ID systems with the rollout of Apple Pay to compete with Google Wallet and chips on credit cards.

RFID tags:

- Passive RFID tags do not have a transmitter; they simply reflect back energy (radio frequendy (RF) waves) coming from the reader antenna.

These are the type used on credit cards...

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Date: 2015-04-21 23:43:42
Website: http://donsnotes.com

125KHz EM4100 RFID Card Read Module RDM630 UART Compatible ...

125KHz EM4100 RFID Card Read Module RDM630 UART Compatible Arduino


The dedicated module RDM630 series of non-contact RF ID card, preclude the use of advanced RF receiver circuits and embedded microcontroller design

Combined with efficient decoding algorithms, to complete the EM4100 compatible ID card data reception

This module is convenient to use, the power supply serial connection...

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Website: banggood.com

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RF-V8S Mini Remote Listening GPS Tracker GSM GPRS Tracking ...

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