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Card Cube specializes in manufacturing contact and non-contact IC cards, RFID/NFC tag products, RFID/NFC wristbands and smart card readers, all of which are used in transportation, social services, telecommunications, finance, public transportation, express ways, campuses, shopping malls and more.

Main Products: We supply non-contact RFID cards, UHF cards, RFID USB cards, Alien RFID cards, contact cards, RFID photo cards, RFID antennas, 3D RFID cards, RFID label inlays, single use wristbands,...

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From: Elva Zhang

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Frontweb Vehicle tracking rfid tags with 30+ foot read range

Passive Gen 2 ISO 18000 6C Alien ALN-9654 G Higgs 3 RFID Domed Labels for Glass Vehicle Windshields etc.

An inexpensive rfid solution for tracking vehicles in dealerships

customer service tags for fast customer processing, gated community authorized access tags etc.

Custom full color printing with matching barcode programmed

to the rfid chip is available. Priced Low As $0.99 cents each in quantities of 10,000+ pieces.

We are...

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From: RFIDstuff

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RFID Tags (made with Spreaker)


Once the RFID tag is triggered, the tag translates the incoming question and generates a correct response by using the power of the incoming radio wave to power the chip long enough to answer. One of the initial RFID Tags development companies, Alien Innovation leads the industry in developing premium compliant RFID tags, readers and also printers for companies worldwide. Browse this site...

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From: Archie Rosa

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