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IT Asset Tracking Software - Asset Track 6

IT assets are often expensive. From monitors to laptops or even the keys to the inventory room, you need to know where your assets are and who has them. Let Jolly Technologies provide a solution.

Asset Track 6 IT asset tracking software can manage your IT assets, letting you keep accurate logs of where your equipment is and how many you have of each. To go even further, Asset Track 6 IT asset tracking software will let you know when supplies are low and will even keep track of the depreciating...

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JSPCHECK™ RFID - Asset Management Solution

JSPCHECK™ RFID - Asset Management Solution

JSP Height Safety Equipment is manufactured with RFID tags ready fitted for easy, instant inventory control and in-field inspections, manage documentation and reports by tracking tools and equipment in seconds.

The system also allows you to tag any of your own equipment with one of our RFID tags.

Manage all of your business assets in one place from tools to plant equipment.

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How Oregon plans to track cannabis from 'seed to sale'

Oregon plans to track legal cannabis products using RFID tags. Reporter: Laura Rillos

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LivePoint® RFID Solution

Manufacturers have been looking for an internal system similar to GPS to track material, parts, etc...for years now to reduce costs and increase productivity. But as you know, GPS systems do Not work inside buildings.

The LivePoint® system, is a process to track what is stationary or moving in a facility and convert that info into useable information to help major companies substantially reduce costs and liability. LivePoint® functions similar to an internal GPS System.

As you will...

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125khz TK4100 RFID Nail Tag For non-metallic objects

Durable ABS material housing protects embedded RFID Chip during installation and use.

This rugged RFID Nail Tag is widely used in non-metallic materials like wood, cement and plastic for identification and tracking purpose. Most of clients like 125khz TK4100 rfid nail tag.

For 13.56mhz high frequency rfid nail tag, we can consider I-code SLI-X ISO15693 or others.

If interested, pls feel free to contact us or leave a note on the comments section.

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On-Site Printable Universal Mini RFID Tags

Small profile, big results! Perfect for on-site printing and on-demand RFID tag encoding and printing.

With a smaller footprint and low profile, the Universal Mini RFID Asset Tag easily fits in smaller places and on assets where other tags may be too large.

Developed using the same premise as our original Universal RFID Asset Tag, the smaller tag utilizes a patented inlay design and passive RFID technology to obtain incredible read ranges on a variety of different materials - metal, plastic...

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RFID Cards Manufacturers India

ID Smart Cards Creation is one of the largest suppliers of smart cards and RFID tags. We have the huge portfolio of smart card applications. Smart cards are very much beneficial. The cards are associated with microprocessor. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) cards are used for transfer data. Mostly RFID tags used for tracking objects.

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Get It Done !

Radio Frequency Identification TagsRadio frequency identification (RFID) tags, which are tiny microchips, act as transponders. Generally, you see RFID tags attached to retail products to help limit theft. However, RFID tags are also used in inventory management in warehouses, for implanted pet IDs, in passports, library books, and in electronic payment devices such as "smart" credit cards and EZPasses. Retail stores generally deactivate the RFID tag when you purchase an item, but in the other...

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How Oregon plans to track cannabis from 'seed to sale'

Oregon plans to track legal cannabis products using RFID tags. Reporter: Laura Rillos

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Tiny UHF Gen2 RFID for tracking camera lenses, guns, and covert tagging

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RFID Based Vehicle Tracking System - Daphne Systems Private Limited

Find here Vehicle Tracking System using RFID Technology provided by Daphne Systems Private Limited. We are one of the top RFID tags service provider company based in New Delhi, India

provides RFID based solutions for Vehicle Tracking System, School Attendance System from Nursery to College and University level. For more details just visit at

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Security and Privacy in Radio Frequency Identification

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) refers to using tiny devices called tags to carry information about people or things. The technology offers great promise, with applications in everything from supply chain management to library book tracking to more convenient credit cards. Unfortunately, the technology also raises security and privacy problems. For example, without protections, it is possible to clone RFID tags and perform surreptitious tracking via RFID. I will discuss two approaches...

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Sysco RDC M5S Label precision Mode

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is the wireless non-contact use of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data, for the purposes of automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to objects. The tags contain electronically stored information. RFID tags are used in many industries. An RFID tag attached to an automobile during production can be used to track its progress through the assembly line. Pharmaceuticals can be...

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Smartgeometry RFID cluster network tracking

This video demonstrates the RFID cluster tracking visuals developed during the Smartgeometry 2012 RFID cluster tracking experiment. The RFID tags and readers have been implemented using Synapse RF100 modules. The RFID enclosures have been 3D printed with SLS (selective laser sintering) technology. The visual interface and tracking code has been written in Processing. Cluster densities are uploaded to Pachube for sharing consumption and cloud storage.

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