High-Tech Credit Cards Easy Target For Thieves Privacy Experts Critical Of RFID Technology

INDIANAPOLIS -- They're billed as faster and more convenient, but some high-tech credit cards could be opening customers up to identity theft.

In 2005, JP Morgan Chase was the first to unveil an RF credit card, equipped with radio frequency technology that allows customers to skip swiping and simply wave the card in front of a special reader.

Cards with radio frequency identification technology, commonly known as RFID, are now used by all of the major credit card companies, including...

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How to hack RFID-enabled Credit Cards for $8 (BBtv)

A number of credit card companies now issue credit cards with embedded RFIDs (radio frequency ID tags), with promises of enhanced security and speedy transactions.

But on today's episode of Boing Boing tv, hacker and inventor Pablos Holman shows Xeni how you can use about $8 worth of gear bought on eBay to read personal data from those credit cards -- cardholder name, credit card number, and whatever else your bank embeds in this manner.

Fears over data leaks from RFID-enabled cards...

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DEF CON 14 - Lukas Grunwald: First We Break Your Tag, Then We Break Your Systems

Lukas Grunwald: First We Break Your Tag, Then We Break Your Systems Attacks to Rfid Systems

Abstract: This talk provides an overview of new RFID Technologie used for Dual-Interfaces Cards (Credit cards, Ticketing and Passports), and RFID Tags with encryption and security features. Problems and attacks to these security features are discussed and attacks to these features are presented. After dealing with the tags an overview to the rest of a RFID-implementation, middelware and backend database...

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