SmartCAT RFID Asset Tracking System Introduction

This video will show how the SmartCAT™ RFID Capital Asset Tracking System can drastically increase productivity. It shows common field asset tracking challenges (fire hydrant inspections, traffic sign management, and construction equipment assets) and how efficient it can be using RFID.

SmartCAT™ is an automatic data collection app matched to a ruggedized handheld RFID reader. Asset by asset, you define how and what data to collect while saving time and reducing errors with: long range...

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Wade Garcia & Associates - RFID Hearing - Wade Garcia & Associates is a company that provides business systems comprising both hardware and software to help you identify, monitor, track, locate and manage key assets. We offer an individual RFID and GPS system to ensure seamless end-to-end tracking and visibility.

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Meet TrackX

TrackX is a software solution provider for asset visibility and tracking. Utilizing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), GPS and Sensor-enabled Asset Tracking, TrackX is able to provide Inventory Management and Supply Chain Solutions to customers across a broad range of industry verticals seeking improved visibility, utilization and analytics pertaining to their high-value assets. TrackX’s patented, enterprise-scalable, cloud-based asset tracking platform is being leveraged to gain...

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Arduino and RFID

Getting my Arduino Uno to control a solenoid and GPS when scanning RFID tags on an ID 12 reader

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Buy Cheap GPS Car Tracker

UniGuard, as one of the professional and experienced China GPS trackers suppliers, offers various GPS trackers to meet the current GPS tracking devices market, including GPS tracker for people, cars, motorcycles and trucks. All our GPS trackers can do real time web tracking and they use the latest SIMCOM800 GSM module and SIRF IV GPS chip, quad band and suitable for universal usage. Advanced Features: Image monitoring, Fuel monitoring, Temperature monitoring, GPS navigator, RFID control...

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Trimble Juno T41 Rugged RFID Reader

Juno T41:

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The Trimble Juno T41 is an extremely rugged handheld UHF RFID reader. The Juno T41 has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and Camera capabilities. With an IP rating of 68, this reader is equipped to handle most rough environments and includes shock, vibration, and drop resistance.

Applications: Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Outdoor Asset Tracking, Job Site Tracking

For more information on RFID read our ebooks,...

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UHF RFID Fixed Reader+4G+GPS for School bus

Hopeland is professional manufacturer of UHF RFID readers. Fixed integrated reader with GPS and 4G DTU, can use for school bus or waste vehicles. Pls contact me at or Skype: ellen.dengs

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GPS RFID Vehicle Tracker CT02 RFID

Make your fleet routine work be more smoother. Driver can start the car after swiping IC card only. All driving status will be saved in the SD card, and then fleet manager can know who was driving not safety. setting working time can also help to reduce driving car for private purpose. For more, please visit:

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GPS Antenna by Anand Technologies, Bengaluru

( Welcome to Anand Technologies, manufacturer & supplier of Wireless & RF Products. Incepted in the year 2006 at Bengaluru. We are an authorized dealer for Times Microwave System & have Tie ups with SZZT & KMYSZ. Stringent quality review, innovative solutions & durability is what has helped us to become a leading name in the Industry. Our Products line consist of GPS, GSM, Wifi & PCB Antenna, RF Cables assemblies & connector, KIOSKs & RFID solutions. We provide...

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New 2000 bank notes... RFID/GPS... Nineven Original

Rs. 2000/- bank notes are just launched by RBI. There are some fact or rumors that it has an in build GPS Chip or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)... Is it true? or Only a hoax. Let's Find Out... Nineven Original

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Trackem - Track Materials for Construction Projects and Minesites using web based, barcode and GPS

Trackem - Track Materials for Construction Projects and Minesites using web based, barcode and GPS. This software utilizes GPS, RFID, and barcode technologies to locate tools, equipment and materials in the field.

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NorthStar School Bus and Child Safety

How Magnasoft NorthStar protects, tracks and monitors the safety of school buses and children using GPS, GPRS, RFID, SMS, webcam and much more,.

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Active Track Personal GPS

ACTIVE TRACK is a new security device manufactured by EBS integrating a GPS receiver and a quad band GSM/GPRS mobile phone in a very durable casing. This functional advanced device can be applied indoor and outdoor because of A-GPS service supporting GPS signal from satellites by GSM/GPRS.

- GSM Voice/SMS

- RFID reader

- Panic Function

- Man Down Function

- Waterproof

- Tamper Proof

Vist our website:

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Cargo Security e-Seal Solution

eSeal is a new electronic seal that revolutionizes the way cargo is secured during transport. eSeal is used for tracking intermodal containers conveyances using active RFID, GPS and cellular technology.

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GPS Container Tracking Unit with Alarm sensors


-Impact Sensor.


-Close via SMS/GPRS.

-Opening via SMS/GPRS.

-Close with PIN Code.

-Opening with PIN Code.

-Close with RFID Card.

-Real Time Tracking from 10 seconds

-Proximity Sensor from 10cm to 80cm.

-Audible alarm siren waterproof 120 db.

-Connect two-way audio solution.

-Microphone and speaker waterproof.

-Long battery life.(Principal LipoLifePo4 12 Volts /15Ah)

-Solar Panel.

-Security Camera with Infrared Light for night vision.


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Ubiquitous Tokku Project: Active RFID + Display + Location for "Automotive Logistics"

As a part of "u-Japan" national project, MTI developed an active RFID tag with e-Paper display functionality and GPS. The RFID technlogy is applied to automotive logistics along with "u-code" location code.

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New Features and Functionality in Epicor 10.1 Supply Chain

Epicor Supply Chain Managmenet (SCM) can help customers with a wide variety of Supply Chain needs- wether you need to track a few transactions using barcodes and RFID tags or need a comprehensive warehouse management system to operate warehouses globally, Epicor SCM and sourcing solutions can help you achieve your goals, including automated route scheduling systems that integrate GPS, digital mapping data, mileage, and driving directions to support a customer’s distribution needs...

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Nestwell Technologies We, Nestwell Technologies, established in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India engaged in offering engineered range of electronic products that include advanced vehicle tracking unit,gps datalogger,mobile tracking,personnel tracking, rfid solutions, smart guard patrol tour system,attendance cum access control,proximity card access controllers, attendance recorders (nac3000r),usb fingerprint scanner, fingerprint registration and verification software (s.r.a), digital...

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Vehicle Monitoring System Using Internet Of Things(IOT)

This is our Project Demo

Advanced College of Engineering and Management (ACEM)


Hardware Used: NodeMCU, GPS Module, RFID Sensor and RFID Tags

Software: Android Studio, Firebase, Eagle.

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RFID Reader | RFID Reader Singapore | RFID Card Reader Singapore | RFID RTLS | is a specialist RFID consultancy/hardware/software firm, we

can help you evaluate, design, develop and implement highly efficient,

cost-effective and performance-driven RFID solutions in Singapore. Small, medium

and large businesses and organisations catered for. All major RFID technologies

are covered. This includes HF; passive, semi-active and active UHF; RTLS; GPS;

NFC; Biometrics; Security and Asset protection RFID for Industrial, Supply Chain

Management (SCM), Automotive...

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Implantable RFID Tag To Track You Like GPS.swf

The government will use this chip after it enacts martial law. You can and will be tracked and monitored by the slave police after you take this chip. Do not let them tag you. Find another way.

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GPS Tracking Device and RFID CARD Reader by Fleetmatix India Private Limited, Hyderabad

Fleetmatix India Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading companies in the market and was commenced in the year 2010. Our company headquarter is located at Hyderabad. We are involved in wholesaling a wide range of GPS Tracking Device, RFID CARD Reader, GPS Tracking Camera and more. These products are well known for their efficient working. Furthermore, we also provide GPS Tracker Maintenance Service.

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TrakMe - RFID and GPS solution

The tutorial shows how to use the RFID and GPS feature of the TrakMe App

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From: Trak Me

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GPS tracking with RFID and fingerprint

GPS tracking+RFID+Fingerprint, for buses, school buses, taxi,car rental......

-Driver Identification

- Flexible time recording on site

- Driving License Control

- Start Authorization

For more information, please contact at

Whatsapp: 0086-13725297215

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From: Onertrack Angel Chan

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Rs. 2000 note | Reality of NGC Tracking GPS and RFID Technology

Rs. 2000 note | Reality of NGC Tracking GPS and RFID Technology

for complete reality kindly watch full video about RFID fact and nano GPS chip facts of indian 2000 rupees note


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From: AS Informer

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RFID system, POS machine, GPS devices,

We are service provider of RFID cards, RFID tags, POS machine, GPS system and various products & services provider, Radical Global.

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From: Global Radical

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