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IOT-Link: Bluetooth V4.0 BLE Active RFID Sensor Tag, built in panic, G-sensor and Sensors

The Bluetooth V4.0 BLE Active RFID system include the items.

1. Tag: The tag is integrated with the panic, G-sensor or various of sensors. EX: temperature, humidity, IR, gas, etc.. The sensor tag will support the environment monitoring.

2. Reader: The reader will read the report data sent from the tag. All the data will be transmitted to the control center.

The monitoring software will collect all the data of the tag, sensors.

3. Sensors: include the temperature , humidity, IR temperature,...

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JP-2 GPS Tracker, Location Fuel control, MMS, RFID JP-2 successor of the popular JP-K3 model based on the experience gained over the years on all models JP series! The latest model of a series of snaps every variety of solutions and the ability to fit the individual needs of each user! JP-2 is not only a GPS. That allows control of the position, history of previous routes. It's also not just a device to secure the vehicle with the possibility to cut off fuel supply or...

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RFID Chips on Modern Car Keys, Test

Using a scanner tuned to 130 & 135kHz AM. I am listening to the different sounds this Toyota makes when I try different keys.

This is approximately how the RFID system works:

1. key is inserted and flips a switch inside the keyhole

2. the car emits energy in the form of radio waves to power the circuit located in the key itself (the RFID chip required no battery)

3. the key -- now energized -- transmits back to the car a secret code

4. after the car receives the code it expects it allows...

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3M Dynatel RFID Marker Locating

An example locate in London, UK. In this example you can see how quickly the locator responds as the operator walks past the marker.

First you see the marker detected with the locator on high sensitivity, then the operator stops and reduces the sensitivity on the locator in order to home in on the RFID marker's precise position.

The operator moves the locator in a direction 90° from the original approach path to find the strongest signal, then again at 90° to home in on the RFID...

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From: MrPRowlands

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YARDtrack-Real-Time, Automated Inventory Location Management Using RFID

The RFID-based YARDtrack system automates inventory location status in real-time.

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From: Barry Syracuse

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rfid tags,rfid scanning,rfid handheld readers,wireless rfid,rfid location,future of rfid

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How to Set Up a Mobile RFID Tag Locator ( Geiger ) - Part 2

Watch Howard Heckman develop ( configure ) an RFID Tag Locator in a TracerPlus Mobile application. RFID Tag Locator / Geiger enables a user to locate RFID tags via the power of the tag being read. As the tag gets closer, the signal becomes stronger and the audible sound becomes faster. RFID Tag Locators are commonly used in TracerPlus for finding items in a room or determining if an item is in a fixed area.

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From: TracerPlus - Mobile Development Software

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LOCATION AWARE AND SAFER CARDS:Enhancing The RFID Security & Privacy via using Location Sensing

A new approach for enhancing security and privacy in certain RFID applications whereby location or location-related information (such as speed) can serve as a legitimate access context.

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From: ComputerScience

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Xecan RFID Missing Asset Locating

Locate missing or misplaced assets with a Xecan RFID handheld with no need line-of-sight. Search an entire room in less than 10 seconds.

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From: binyang1995

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Pallet identification and Locate address in warehouse by RFID

Pallet identification and Locate address in warehouse by RFID

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From: Kampol Choksuntasut

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Best Practices - Mobile RFID Asset Tracking - Webinar

During the first half of the webinar PTS reviews Mobile RFID project management best practices. Topics such as RFID tag testing, RFID pilots and RFID pilot location selection are discussed in detail.

During the 2nd half of the webinar PTS demonstrates TracerPlus features commonly used in Mobile RFID Asset Tracking applications. RFID mass scanning, Geiger, and location are updates are demonstrated and the configurations are explained.

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From: TracerPlus - Mobile Development Software

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RFID Location System

Animation showing the RFID Location System. Tag and monitor the location and use of assets, restrict access to areas of the school, and automatically register pupils' attendance.

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From: Gaia Technologies

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