What does all of this RFID lingo mean?

In this video we do our best to explain the most common RFID lingo.

- Types of RFID: LF vs. HF vs UHF vs. NFC

- Passive vs. Active RFID

- Operational Frequency / Frequency Range

- Power Level / Sensitivity

- RFID Tags: Tag Memory, Tag Size, IC Type, Read Range, Hex vs. ASCII

-RFID Reader: Fixed vs. Mobile, Region, Power Output, GPIO, Read Range

- RFID Antennas: Gain, Beam width, Front to Back Ratio, Axial Ratio, Polarization, Maximum Input Power, VSWR

- Cable and Connector Types

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r f i d in egypt

r f I d in Egypt

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Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags are the centerpiece of any RFID system. RFID tags can be offered in different sizes, frequencies and can be affixed to a variety of surfaces. They store the item data essential to any RFID-based tracking system. BarcodesInc offers UHF (Ultra High Frequency), HF (High Frequency), and LF (Low Frequency) tags that are used for access control, data center management, file tracking,...

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Introduction of HF 13.56MHz Dual Frequency RFID Reader (211004)

GAO RFID's HF 13.56MHz Dual Frequency RFID Reader applies dual read technology allowing it to read a wide variety of RFID tags. It reads the unique serial number which can have prefix or suffix. This reader is used for many applications including for access control by scanning a user’s RFID enabled card for system authorization.

For more information, check out the product page:


GAO RFID Inc. website:


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UHF/HF RFID Conveyor

The Franwell HF/UHF Conveyor Tunnel is designed for scanning products automatically with a RFID integrated system in a pick, pack and ship pharmaceutical environment. The conveyor combines both HF and UHF frequencies for optimal performance of reading RFID tagged products in a conveyable shipping container or tote.

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High Frequency RFID and Destiny Library Manager – Encoder

Learn how to encode the HF RFID tags for use with Destiny Library Manager.

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idChamp RS3 Bluetooth RFID Reader

The Most Versatile NFC Reader Available!

The idChamp RS3 is the latest addition to idChamp NFC/RFID reader family with Bluetooth Smart connectivity (aka BLE-Bluetooth Low Energy).

The idChamp RS3 features a DUAL frequency RFID engine

Reads virtually every tag type!

Prox HID, EM410X, AWID and other 125 kHz (LF) tags

ICODE, MiFare, and other 13.56 MHz (HF) tags

HID iClass ID/SE (optional)

Read RFID tags into your iPhone or iPad!

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RFID Paper Wristband for festival,, colorful, with different frequency, LF, HF, UHF

website, http://www.asiarfid.com/

email, contact@asiarfid.com

AsiaRFID is one of the best manufacturers and supplier for RFID Card, RFID Wristbands, RFID Tags products. We are the original factory of RFID products. Welcome to contact us for wholesale and bulk price RFID cards.

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IDChamp Bluetooth RFID and NFC Tag Reader for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Mac, Windows, etc.

Introduction of the new Bluetooth IDChamp RFID and NFC reader that can read RFID and NFC tags into fields on IOS device. Perfect for FileMaker Go event management.

IDChamp RS3 Dual-NFC reader (125KHz & 13.56MHz) is a flexible Bluetooth wireless RFID reader for badges and tags of two types:

1) Prox HID type low frequency (LF 125KHz)

2) NFC Mifare, ICODE, Tag-it (see more below) (HF 13.56MHz)

Maximum host support is provided with both Bluetooth SPP and Bluetooth HID (keyboard) modes.

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Scanfob® HF RFID Reader with Android 3.0 Honeycomb on Acer Iconia A500 Tablet

This video will show using the Acer Iconia A500 Android tablet running the Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system and this pocket-sized / keyfob sized high frequency Bluetooth RFID reader to read these 13 MHz (megahertz) RFID tags into the Mobile Grid application on the Android tablet.

Simply turn on the Bluetooth radio of the reader, then use the Mobile Grid Menu Connect option and tap on the RFID reader. The HF 13.56 MHz RFID reader will then connect over Bluetooth to the tablet and you can...

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Reel to Reel RFID Encoder/Verifier

The INT1000 is an offline automatic encoding and verification station for RFID labels. The INT1000 is available in both HF and UHF frequencies.

The use of automatic issuance of serialized data with user defined formatting allows off-line encoding of RFID labels. All tags to be applied are loaded and verified. This allows separation of label application process from encoding process and therefore prevents slow downs in the production line due to RFID item level tagging.

To create rolls of...

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