Raspberry Pi 2 + MFRC522-python 4 - Enable device tree

CAUTION: Somebody comment no need set device tree, check the comments first, before you try.

Step-by-step to make MFRC522-python work on Raspberry Pi 2/raspbian Jessie, read RFID tags using RFID Reader, RFID-RC522.


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From: Andr.oid Eric

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Smartgeometry RFID cluster network tracking

This video demonstrates the RFID cluster tracking visuals developed during the Smartgeometry 2012 RFID cluster tracking experiment. The RFID tags and readers have been implemented using Synapse RF100 modules. The RFID enclosures have been 3D printed with SLS (selective laser sintering) technology. The visual interface and tracking code has been written in Processing. Cluster densities are uploaded to Pachube for sharing consumption and cloud storage.

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From: p1suk3

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healingdaily.com - Using RFID key tags to log into yoga center.

healingdaily.com - Using RFID key tags to log into yoga center.

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From: healingdaily

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Audit Jewelries in packs by Using RFID-XGSun Tech

After application of the RFID jewelry tags, it saves much time and reduce error to audit the jewelry. You can audit everyday in the jewelry shops.

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From: Elsie Liu

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IteMinder can help users find property in a room using passive RFID and an autonomous robot. First, we attach RFID tags to the target items and at typical locations in a room. We also attach an RFID reader and a laser rangefinder to the robot. The robot can move around the entire room automatically while avoiding obstacles using the laser rangefinder. When the robot finds a tagged item, it uploads the tag ID and location information to the database. Users can then browse target items and their...

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From: tsukalab

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125khz TK4100 RFID Nail Tag For non-metallic objects

Durable ABS material housing protects embedded RFID Chip during installation and use.

This rugged RFID Nail Tag is widely used in non-metallic materials like wood, cement and plastic for identification and tracking purpose. Most of clients like 125khz TK4100 rfid nail tag.

For 13.56mhz high frequency rfid nail tag, we can consider I-code SLI-X ISO15693 or others.

If interested, pls feel free to contact us or leave a note on the comments section.

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From: cherry zhang

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RFID tagged Clothing

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Concept Video Illustrating the uses of RFID tagged clothing.

Music: https://soundcloud.com/jeff-kaale/footsteps

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From: cosmus

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RFID Reader

This is a Radio-frequency identification (RFID) system that can be used to authorize users, the master can add and remove users directly using his own RFID tag.


-Arduino Nano.

-RC 522 RFID module

-Nokia 5110 LCD Display

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From: Fady Kazzazi

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On-Site Printable Universal Mini RFID Tags

Small profile, big results! Perfect for on-site printing and on-demand RFID tag encoding and printing.

With a smaller footprint and low profile, the Universal Mini RFID Asset Tag easily fits in smaller places and on assets where other tags may be too large.

Developed using the same premise as our original Universal RFID Asset Tag, the smaller tag utilizes a patented inlay design and passive RFID technology to obtain incredible read ranges on a variety of different materials - metal, plastic...

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From: Metalcraft

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RFID Trash: Mobile mapping, documentation, and cleanup

We used RFID and cellular technology to assist in our cleanup of trash from Putah Creek. The collection sites were on both sides of Stevenson Bridge. The stakes/markers contained RFID tags and photos of beer cans and bottles. Each marker was photographed and mapped using an iPhone 3G. The unique RFID number was transferred to the collection bag using the Nokia 6131 NFC phone. After the area was cleaned, we used the NFC phone to read the ID and send a text message and time stamp to an...

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From: bulamonto

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