JLJE random keypad access control RFID reader (Mifare or EM)

Using random keypad (Mifare or EM) reader is a top-secured solution for access control. Sequential numbers (number on keypad ) will randomly change every time you input the password.

touch panel 3x5"LCD Mifare reader, The LCD's display randomly allocated set of numbers from 0 to 9. The position of the numbers change every time when you activate the function.

with door bell and security setting fuction keys

Using extended module,it can contol more than 256 devices, such locks,box,...


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From: MyJLJE

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RFID Music Player

I used a Sonmicro SM130 read/write module to read and write Mifare RFID tags, and talk to Processing. My Processing program plays different songs when different tags are detected.

Sonmicro RFID Reader Library for Processing by Tom igoe et al

Music by Pablo Casals - Bach's Cello Suite No.1 in G, BWV 1007 - I.Prelude

Coldplay - The Scientist

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From: Miu Ling Lam

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Mifare MF522-AN RFID reader/writer + Arduino test

I've been planning to do a project involving Arduino and RFID for a while. I found a £15/$20 RFID module on eBay, based around the MFRC522 chip, which arrived today. This is my very first test with it, identifying my two test cards and outputting the results on the serial line. Possibilities now are endless...

Link to details and code: http://www.grantgibson.co.uk/blog/2012/04/how-to-get-started-with-the-mifare-mf522-an-and-arduino/

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From: Grant Gibson

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This following video presentation demonstrates dispensing RFID Debit MIFARE VendaCards. Accepts cash and also optional credit cards. Available in 4 different configurations. (1.) Low cost $795.00 Model 5002E single card dispenser. (2.) Low cost $995.00 Model 5002E dual card dispenser. (3.) Combination $1,995.00 Model 5096 dual dispenser with cash acceptance, 2x20 back illuminated LCD, IP address for remove internet polling and RFID MIFARE VendaCard Reader-writer. (4.) Model 5096 with...

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From: Darrell Rademacher

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