portable receipt printers

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PAC Supplies USA http://pacsuppliesusa.com is a Shopping site in RFID key fobs, access control, safety lanyards, police lanyards, portable receipt printers, blue bamboo printer, belt clips, plastic card holder, magnetic card readers, rugged tablets, mifare cards, 125 kHz cards.

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Motorized Magnetic Card IC Card RFID Card Mifare Card Reader Writer

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SHENZHEN SYNCO TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.is a professional Hardware Solution Provider (HSP) of card readers and special printers, such as magnetic card readers, smart card readers, RFID card readers, mobile receipt printers, POS receipt printers, embedded receipt printers and printer units and so on. You can reach us from below:

Web: www.syncotek.com

Email: sales@syncotek.com


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RFID Reader and Writer System (13.56Mhz)

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My initial implementation of an RFID System which allows for reading and writing with various options to Mifare 1k Class RFID Tags at 13.56 Mhz.

I take no credit for the libraries written by Adafruit for the TFT and those hardworking

individuals who worked on the SD and RFID libraries. Most of my code was based off of their work (which is provided on the Arduino web page) so I did not see the need to post any code.

Hardware Used:

Arduino Uno

MFRC522 (NXP) RFID Reader /Writer

1.8 TFT...

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SkyeTutorial Working with Mifare Desfire tags in SkyeWare 4 %7C SkyeTek RFID

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How to use SkyeWare 4 to explore some of the advanced features of the MIFARE DESFire family of RFID tags. These tags feature an advanced TripleDES algorithm for authenticating to the tag ensuring that the tag data remains secure. In addition, these tags feature an advanced memory structure for organizing files and applications, and built in support for adding value files which can be incremented and decremented for use in contactless payment and ticketing systems.

Video Includes:

- An...

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Vingcard Classic RFID Reader Demo w/ MiFare Card

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A typical Vingcard hotel MiFare card reader. This model is a standard lower-security model. It features only a green light, so denied access is flashing green.


Brand: Vingcard

Model: Class RFID

-Frequency: 13.56 MHz

-Range: About 1 inch

DISCLOSURE: Do NOT attempt to make prox reader demos on doors that you do not have permission to access or use. Doing so can be considered attempted break-in and is grounds for punishment by property owners. Never list any locations of access control demos,...

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TA500 - Hardware Introduction

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Hardware Introduction



TA500 is FingerTec’s most affordable, reliable and simple Biometric Time Attendance Clock. This clock can store up to 2000 fingerprint templates and 80000 transaction logs. Equipped with the most commonly used IP communication method and USB flash disk, TA500 is the most powerful simple attendance system best suited for small and medium-sized businesses or enterprises.


The FingerTec TA500 color multimedia fingerprint reader is...

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Low cost EM4100 Mifare RFID reader for Android Phone from

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Time to drop my Apple!

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This following video presentation demonstrates dispensing RFID Debit MIFARE VendaCards. Accepts cash and also optional credit cards. Available in 4 different configurations. (1.) Low cost $795.00 Model 5002E single card dispenser. (2.) Low cost $995.00 Model 5002E dual card dispenser. (3.) Combination $1,995.00 Model 5096 dual dispenser with cash acceptance, 2x20 back illuminated LCD, IP address for remove internet polling and RFID MIFARE VendaCard Reader-writer. (4.) Model 5096 with...

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how to copy a mifare classic RFiD card using a proxmark

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A quick demo video on how to break the encryption on a Mifare classic 1k card. This particular card was for a hotel door and had most sectors keys set to FFFFFFFFFF with only 4 keys not set to this. As we knew a valid key this was enough to execute a nested attack against this card and recover the 4 missing keys. From there it was just a quick job to set a blank "magic" card to the same UID as the original and then restore the copy onto the blank magic card.

Proxmark in this case was an RDV4...

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Mifare Classic 1k Adjustable rfid wristband

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This adjustable wristband with a watch type lock, easy fitting different people's wrist. Logo would be printed.

More you can see from http://www.sunwayrfid.com/pvc-rfid-wristbands/56474827.html

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Create a simple electronic lock with RFID using a RC522 [Anything Arduino] (ep13)

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In this episode we connect and setup the RC522 to read the Unique ID of MIFARE RFID tags and use specific ones to open a lock. I also show a few simple locking mechanisms.

The sketch/code and more project information can be found here:


The library can be downloaded from here:


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uFR Mifare RFID Reader Writer - uFRCoder Simple Lazarus software review

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µFR Reader is contactless RFID card programmer with development tools for multiple purposes primarily intended for software developers and companies that deal with software development. Reader supports contactless Mifare 13.56MHz cards ISO/IEC 14443.

Programming languages:

JAVA, Java Applet, JavaScript, Lazarus, Delphi, C + + Builder, Microsoft Visual C + +. net, Microsoft Visual C #, Microsoft Visual Basic.net

Supported platformes:

Mac OS X



Windows Mobile (version 5 and 6...

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Emulating NFC Tags with the ChameleonMini RevE-2

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Based on ChameleonMini an open-source RFID emulator:


The ChameleonMini is a contactless smartcard emulator that is currently capable of emulating Mifare 1K, Mifare 4K, and Mifare Ultralight NFC tags.

The ChameleonMini can also store multiple tag memories and recall them on demand, allowing the user to consolidate multiple tags.

The ChameleonMini is available for purchase from our online store at http://store.ryscc.com/products/chameleonmini.

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25c3: Analyzing RFID Security

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Speakers: Henryk Plötz. Karsten Nohl

Many RFID tags have weaknesses, but the security level of different tags varies widely. Using the Mifare Classic cards as an example, we illustrate the complexity of RFID systems and discuss different attack vectors. To empower further analysis of RFID cards, we release an open-source, software-controlled, and extensible RFID reader with support for most common standards.

RFID tags and contact-less smart cards are regularly criticized for their lack of...

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this program can use for making a chip Real-Secure RFID CREDIT-CARD using:

arduino uno

+ RFID - RC522 module

+ blank mifare classic 1k cards.

note: every mifare classic 1k card has 64 blocks and each block has 16 bytes(char) for personal data(some are "security-blocks").

for this program we need 1 block to save our information and rest of it is blank and usable for other data.

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idChamp RS3 Bluetooth RFID Reader

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The Most Versatile NFC Reader Available!

The idChamp RS3 is the latest addition to idChamp NFC/RFID reader family with Bluetooth Smart connectivity (aka BLE-Bluetooth Low Energy).

The idChamp RS3 features a DUAL frequency RFID engine

Reads virtually every tag type!

Prox HID, EM410X, AWID and other 125 kHz (LF) tags

ICODE, MiFare, and other 13.56 MHz (HF) tags

HID iClass ID/SE (optional)

Read RFID tags into your iPhone or iPad!

Contact Serialio.com Solutions...

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Kkmoon Contactless 14443a Card Encoder Ic Card Reader Writer with 5pcs Cards 5pcs Key Fob

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13.56mhz Rfid reader writer, is widely used for system and project, such as automated parking management system, personal identification, access controller, production control, etc.features: Small size with Usb interface, don't need driver. non-contact Ic and writer. It's easy and stable to use. Support for Mifare, 14443a protocol, S50, S70 and compatible chip cards. Can be in many application systems, as personnel logistics, conference attendance...

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Breaking Mifare Classic using bootable Live DVD

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The bootable Live RFID Hacking System http://live.openpcd.com contains a ready-to-use set of hacking tools for breaking and analyzing MIFARE Classic RFID cards and other well known card formats. It is built around PCSC-lite, the CCID free software driver and libnfc that gives you access to some of the most common RFID readers.

You can download a bootable ISO image of the RFID Live Hacking System Live CD/DVD (663MB, for 64bit x86 systems only) at http://live.openpcd.com .

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LED + RFID Desk Toy

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In this video we build a fun RGB LED desk toy that uses RFID cards to let visitors to my office easily change the colors.

The desk toy features my name, modeled in Fusion 360, and printed on a Printrbot Metal Simple. Each letter is backlit using a WS2812b RGB LED. To facilitate interaction, the project has a Mifare-style RC522 RFID reader. The project is driven by an Arduino Pro Mini.

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Signal vault passive RFID cards on shark tank cost on .75c US

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Signal-Vault cards only cost 0.75 cents which is similar to cards sold in China via Alibaba. These cards retail for $14.95 retail. Seems a huge profit for what in effect is similar to just another programmed mifare RFID card (just like a credit card) but programmed to spit out garbage when interrogated in the hope of fooling a reader.

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RFID Card Reader Portable Smart Card Reader India

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Portable Handheald RFID Cards Reader for RFID Cards, Smart Cards India.

This battery operated compact Reader can Read RFID Cards like 1k, 4K mifare, Ntag, NFC Cards. The read data can be sent directly to web or Cloud with GPRS.


1. Battery Operated

2. Reads Contactless cards for 0 to 10Cms

3. USB connection- Transfer Data to PC

4. LCD Display

5. GPRS facility through Simcard

Ideal for Student Attendance system, Assets Management, Smart Card Reading, Loyalty Programs, Event...

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RFID/NFC Cloning Mifare Classic Smart Cards

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The bash script i wrote can be found here:


The NFC Card reader/writer used for this POC is called ACR122U-A9

The Linux type I am using is a Debian 9 with a newer kernel version 4.18.3

I got the reader to work at this kernel level: Linux Lab 4.9.0-6-amd64

The mfoc utility can be found here: https://github.com/nfc-tools/mfoc.git

The RFID i clone the card to was bought on ebay found by the search string:

"10PCS UID Changeable Sector 0 Block 0...

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Introduction of 13.56 MHz HF USB RFID Reader/Writer (233002)

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With the encoder software, this 13.56 MHz HF USB RFID Reader/Writer allows you to define your own security keys and write them to the cards. This advanced Reader/Writer is NFC compatible and is widely used in applications including Access Control, Parking Systems, Prepaid Parking, Ticketing, Time and Attendance, Admission Control and POS. In addition, this Reader/Writer is waterproof and rustproof.

For more information, check out the product...

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RFID Music Player

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I used a Sonmicro SM130 read/write module to read and write Mifare RFID tags, and talk to Processing. My Processing program plays different songs when different tags are detected.

Sonmicro RFID Reader Library for Processing by Tom igoe et al

Music by Pablo Casals - Bach's Cello Suite No.1 in G, BWV 1007 - I.Prelude

Coldplay - The Scientist

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Oyster card hacked - start from 44 secs

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The story of the hacking of the mifare classic RFID chip - used in various applications around the world. I made this film for Channel 4 News in the summer of 2008. Excuse the aspect ratio issues - uploaded in a rush from a PC without the right software to fix.

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RFID Card Writing Using Mifare RFID 13.56MHz RC522 Module

It is easy to write some data to RFID Card/Key Chain using Mifare RFID 13.56MHz RC522 Module.

You can download sketch and library for this demo at https://github.com/miguelbalboa/rfid and you can modify it for your application.

Thanks for watching.

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From: Mohamad Dani

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rfid mifare key part01

rfid mifare key for gambling mashines, vending terminals, sequrity systems

This is electronic switch can replace up to 7 buttons/electric lock.

This device can pull up or pull down up to 7 pins in any wariations. Each mifare tag can be set to switch up to 7 pins. Before installing each tag must me progremmed with user sequrity password, differend password for each tag.

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From: Radxa Rock

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Low cost and simple EM4100 or Mifare RFID reader for Android from www.rfidshop.com.hk

* Low cost , Simple , No driver - EM4100 or Mifare RFID reader for Ipad , Android and Windows * *

Contact : www.rfidshop.com.hk


(125K EM4100 RFID reader with USB Keyboard emulation interface)


(Mifare ISO14443A RFID reader with USB Keyboard emulation interface)

•embedded antenna

•super slim size (65x20x7)mm

•read range : ~2-3 cm (for ISO card size)

•output interface : USB keyboard emulation

•No external power is...

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From: HK rfidshop

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