Drew's First RFID Tag reader System

Here is a Demo on a Parallax RFID card reader system, using the Arduino to control the signal output.

Th Two modes are:

The (RED) LED means its enabled.

The (GREEN) LED mean its disabled.

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From: drewmaster74

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Airsoft Bomb prop w/ Arduino, RFID, LCD

A quick and cheap bomb prop I made using and arduino, parallax RFID card reader and some junk i had laying around. If you have an arduino and are interested in RFID please go to my website for the code/tutorial and also check my other videos. Thanks!

www.jonnyblanch.webs.com Look under the arduino tabs

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From: BlanchProductions

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Rfid - Arduino - LED

Small research task for a uni project experimenting with parallax RFID readers interfacing with an arduino board. This concept shows how ID cards can change my 'ghetto' ambient orb (a cheeselet biscuit tin -_-) my camera doesn't do it justice but in the dark it is very predominant.

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From: Nick marshall

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RFID Database System

Arduino + Parallax RFID Reader. The code keeps a database of registered RFID tags and performs a look up to 'grant' or 'deny' access. Cards can be registered and removed, as well as the database be viewed or erased with the code. This can be modified to perform pretty much any action you want instead of printing access granted or denied. Source code and additional information located at: http://sites.google.com/site/airwavershr/Home/rfid-database

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From: navic209

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Shoebox Auditorium - Arrange your own soundscape

Device I built together with Guido Huijser for the course Sound, Space & Interaction at Media Technology. The device uses an Arduino Duemilanove, Parallax 28440 RFID reader/writer, Parallax RFID tags, Korg Nano Kontrol and a Macbook running Max 6.

The idea is based on the old kijkdoos; which is a sort of shoebox diorama.

The user can arrange his/her own sound collage by placing RFID tag card's onto the glass plate, each card corresponds to a specific field recording. The user can adjust each...

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From: Thomas Haighton

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Arduino RFID Announcer System

Recognized tags are tied to names of owners. Audio files for each person are played when authorized users key in. The files .WAV files stored on the SD card and played through the adafruit wave shield. The RFID reader is from parallax.

The next iteration of this will have the addition of a cheap radio transmitter to send the correct RFID tag reads to another arduino which will handle the sound from inside the house. The unit with just the RFID reader and the radio transmitter will be placed...

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From: Nicholas Siemsen

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Building an RFID Bear - Success!.3gp

This is my successful first test of the electronics of an RFID Bear Kit. It's an Arduino Uno controlling an Adafruit WaveShield 1.1 and a Parallax RFID reader. The hardware senses a nearby RFID chip (the one in my hand at the bottom right at the start of the video) and plays back an associated WAV file, stored on the SD card.

Description and instructions to make this are available at:


Thanks to David Harris for creating...

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From: Charles Bullock

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