Arduino RFID Announcer System

Recognized tags are tied to names of owners. Audio files for each person are played when authorized users key in. The files .WAV files stored on the SD card and played through the adafruit wave shield. The RFID reader is from parallax.

The next iteration of this will have the addition of a cheap radio transmitter to send the correct RFID tag reads to another arduino which will handle the sound from inside the house. The unit with just the RFID reader and the radio transmitter will be placed...

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From: Nicholas Siemsen

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Arduino and RFID based Circular platform car parking system

I made highly secured automated car parking system, it is a very useful future parking system particularly for apartments, private company etc for the better safety of vehicles which are parked. The car is made to park using individual ID only. Each car has own platform and no one is allowed to park, i.e each place is allotted for particular car.

This idea uses

RFID Reader RC522,


Stepper motor,


Arduino Uno R3

Cardboard and some connecting wires

RFID library is at...

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From: Bhadrappa R Hiriyur

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RFID Reader with RGB LEDs

Update on the progress of my RGB LED, RFID messenger bag. I have connected the RFID (radio frequency identification) reader to my LED panel. The reader picks up the unique ID number from RFID tags (the same as security badges that unlock doors) which then causes a certain color or animation to happen.

I'm using an Arduino Uno to power the LED matrix and RFID reader.

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From: Kathryn McElroy

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Arduino RFID reader

this is a demonstration of the Seeedstudio RFID reader with Arduino. I have set it up to recognize two tags and to play different melodies depending on weather or not the card is accepted. The Red LED shows that the door is LOCKED, and the Green LED means that the door is UNLOCKED. You can read about this project and get the source code at:

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From: electronicsjunk

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Animatronic Iron Man helmet wireless

Wireless control test using RFID tag reader, XBee radios with Adafruit XBee adapters and arduinos. I'm using small RFID tags as inputs to control the suit animatronics.

The mechanics of this helmet have been completely changed- the arms that raise the faceplate were scrapped in the new version. See the new version here-

Please note that I do not manufacture or sell Iron Man helmets or suits- I am simply installing the...

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From: DIY Animatronics

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Rfid arduino tag reader

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

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From: gmbasz

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Stupid Simple Arduino Based RFID Emulator

This is a stupid simple video on emulating an RFID tag. First I hold up a real tag to the reader and you can see the serial number starts showing up screen behind it. When I hold up my coil, connected to an Arduino, you can see that the reader detects it as a tag and displays the serial number as well.

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From: David King

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ARDUINO-RFID-LCD (rfid security system)

In the following project we are going to make a rfid card reader by using the arduino uno and a rfid card reader.

the following project can do a lot of things such as reading a tag adding of the tag and also the deleting of the tag

all the nessary diagrams for the rfid projects can be found out on my instructables page


link to my older videos are


2.Arduino IR Remote - Convert Any Old...

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From: kj's electronics

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RFID Deadbolt Hack

Now you don't have to fumble for the right key to unlock your door. The serial RFID reader kit comes with 4 passive tags including the keyfob type. There is also a pushbutton on the inside to toggle the lock.

This kit includes a servo, passive serial RFID reader, an Arduino Pro-Mini equivalent, wall power adapter, enclosure and ProtoDough (mold-able prototyping plastic) to make a custom adapter from the servo to the deadbolt pin.

Note: The lighted switch is no longer available so the kit comes...

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From: Jameco Electronics

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RFID Reader

This is a Radio-frequency identification (RFID) system that can be used to authorize users, the master can add and remove users directly using his own RFID tag.


-Arduino Nano.

-RC 522 RFID module

-Nokia 5110 LCD Display

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From: Fady Kazzazi

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