RFID based Door Lock System using Arduino

I have used EM-18 RFID Reader Module and Arduino UNO board for this project. RFID Reader reads the unique rfid number from the RFID cards or RFID tag and sends it to microcontroller.The system/Door allows access based on the RFID tag received on the RFID reader.

Controller: ATmega328

RFID Reader: EM-18 Module

Software Environment: Embedded C, Arduino IDE, Serial Monitor/PuTTY

Special Features: RFID Interfacing, Serial Communication

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From: king07kd

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Project Jarvis: RFID Tag Reader

This video shows the finished product (v1.0) of a homemade RFID tag reader using an arduino and the parallax RFID reader. It is configured to setup my apartment for when I leave or come home.

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From: Chad Barraford

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RFID Reader ID-12 and Arduino

Here we read one RFID tag (125kHz) with help of RFID Reader (ID-12) and convert data to Arduino.

Arduino get value from the reader and show us the value on the screen.

Very easy and simple prototype..

It took me only a few minutes to connect the wires to the appropriate pin and then write the code.

Regards Aryan Esfandiari

And thanks to Akbar Faghihi Moghaddam

Robotica Osloensis © 2011

The tutorial:


The RFID...

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From: roboticaosloensis

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USB RFID card reader using Arduino Due

Arduino Due, reads the RFID tags from the serial port and acts as a virtual keyboard passing those tags numbers to the computer.

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From: Hacktronics India

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Arduino RFID Tag Reader using BM019

This is a small prototype project I did for a buddy that needed to verify injection molded parts contained working RFID tags when leaving the assembly line. The arduino polled for an RFID tag and lights the yellow LED when an active (working) RFID tag passed.

My github repo for this project is here:


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From: james wolf

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car door unlocking using Arduino pro mini and RFID Tag

car-door-unlocking-using-Arduino pro mini and RFID Tag

Simple projects based on Arduino Pro-Mini 328p

runs on 5 volts and 3.3v which is fetched from Installed breadboard power supply for arduino.

System comprises of RC-522 as RFID Tag reader, which reads and saves the 1st Tag as master card and enters programming mode on 1st start up.

After that 1st Card can be used to enter programming mode and RFID Tags/Keyfobs/devices with NFC TAG can be added or removed if previously added.

Used a Relay...

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From: ghpk

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Rfid arduino tag reader

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

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From: gmbasz

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Arduino RFID Reader Final

For Code and Schematic of Arduino Based RFID Reader visit http://arduinorecipes.com/tutorial-view.php?tg=17

A radio frequency identification reader (RFID reader) is a device used to gather information from an RFID tag. It can be used to track individual objects. It is widely used in a number of applications including various Attendance Systems, Key-less door locks, Fast-Tag at Toll Plazas, Automatic Parking Systems, etc.

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From: Positron Technologies

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TR265 UHF RFID Reader Integration with an Arduino

Arduino microcontroller interfacing with a UHF RFID reader. The reader we are using is the Thinkify TR-265. The demonstration consists of three UHF tags each with a unique ID. Each unique ID is assigned a specific color. The reader and Microcontroller are communicating over TTL. When the green tag is presented to the reader the green LEDs will illuminate green. The same correlation will occur with the red and blue tag.

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From: Thinkifyit

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Arduino RFID

First attempt: Arduino passive RFID

Lights up a LED when RFID tag/card approaches the reader.

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From: fotografim

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