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Many debit/credit cards, driver licenses and passports have RFID chips with personal data. These Travelon products effectively block RFID readers and therefore prevent unauthorized access to your personal information.

Warranty: 1 Year

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Embedded RFID to Authenticate Consumable Products

Here's a quick demonstration of how Impinj's Indy reader chip can be used to authenticate consumable products by embedding RFID technology into finished goods. In this demonstration Impinj Sr. Field Applications Engineer Mike Lenehan shows how a Braun shaver with an RFID reader embedded inside of it can determine which cleaning cartridge is authentic vs. counterfeit. For more information on Indy reader chips and embedded RFID, please visit:

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From: Impinj

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ZOLLER UK Tool Identification and Data Transfer »zidCode« ZOLLER identification code

Data Transfer Secure and Manufacturer-independent Manner

There are many different kinds of machine control systems. ZOLLER offers many ways of transmitting data in a secure and manufacturer-independent manner: Using labels, RFID chips, post-processors, or higher-level production management systems.

Multiple methods for (secure) machine data transfer

Worldwide, there is a large number of machine manufacturers who use different control systems. With ZOLLER, secure data transmission is...

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From: Zoller UK

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RFID Data Monitor with Temperature, Shock and Tilt sensors

The PE3001 UHF RFID chip allow to connect RFID with a microcontroller.

The micro then alos allows to use more external sensors. In this case temperatute sensing is accomplished by the RFID chip PE3001. This chip alos gathers monitoring sensor data, even from the sensors connected to the microcontroller. In this case the controller is connected to a 2-D Accelerometer MEMS sensor. Sensor data are being CDC (Capacitance-to-digital Conversion) transfered by the PE5010 IC. The system can track...

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RFID Protection from Travelon

Travelon products give you RFID Protection for your passports, ID cards and credit cards that contain RFID chips.

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(English Subtitle) Development and Commercialisation of Low-cost RFID Reader Chip

Development and Commercialisation of Low-cost RFID Reader Chip

The LSCM R&D Centre has launched the Greater China’s first UHF RFID Reader Chip. Its retailing price is significantly reduced but functions are highly enhanced. It would become an excellent aid for product authentication and stock taking. Since the cost is lower and the size of the reader is smaller, enterprises can arrange every staff to have their own reader for product authentication, construction site checking, stock taking,...

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From: LSCM R&D Centre 香港物流及供應鏈管理應用技術研發中心

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Impinj UHF RFID Reader Antenna Portfolio

Impinj's UHF RFID reader antennas ( evolved as innovative solutions to read world problems. The experience gained in solving customer challenges gave Impinj engineers invaluable insight that has resulted in a family of RFID antennas with characteristics ideally suited for item-level operation.

For more information on Impinj and Impinj RFID readers, RFID reader tag chips, RFID reader chips and RFID reader antennas, please visit Impinj at...

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From: Impinj

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IC Rfid Tag use the new chip 13.56Mhz

About 7iStore's Rfid Product

7iStore is a professional online wholesale platform.We are professional Rfid TAG suppliers, and providing Rfid Readers, IC Card Readers, ID Card Readers, RFID Tags, NFC tags, IC Cards, ID Cards contain 125K, 13.56MHz, and 915MHz and other products online wholesale. We strictly control quality in products, we devote ourselves to provide consumers with inexpensive products. You can order online in real time, we will delivery to you ASAP. You could also print logo or...

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FinishLynx Photo-Finish Real-Time Results Capture - Dellinger 2008

Real-time clip of the FinishLynx photo-finish software in action. FinishLynx integrates the perfect triad of technology into one intuitive package: 1) Fusion photo finish camera, 2) IdentiLynx video camera, and 3) IPICO RFID transponders:

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From: FinishLynx

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[RFID/USN KOREA 2012 Video] Attention to IMPINJ, the global leading provider of UHF RFID solutions!

AVING NEWS had an interview with Dr. Chris Diorio, Chairman & Chief Technical Officer of IMPINJ(, the leading provider of UHF RFID solutions for identifying, locating and authenticating items at 'RFID/USN KOREA 2012'.

IMPINJ displayed Speedway Revolution RFID Reader, MonzaRFID Tag Chips, Indy RFID Reader Chips and RFID Reader Antennas.

'RFID/USN KOREA 2012' showcases RFID/USN(M2M, IoT) product & solution, Mobile RFID·NFC product & service, convergence solution between...

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