The Future of RFID Chips

This is just a silly story of how RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) chips could possibly be used in the future, Projecting about 35 years, this tells the story of a typical day of a college student and describes a future "Chipping Center." Enjoy...

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From: MillyRead

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125khz TK4100 RFID Nail Tag For non-metallic objects

Durable ABS material housing protects embedded RFID Chip during installation and use.

This rugged RFID Nail Tag is widely used in non-metallic materials like wood, cement and plastic for identification and tracking purpose. Most of clients like 125khz TK4100 rfid nail tag.

For 13.56mhz high frequency rfid nail tag, we can consider I-code SLI-X ISO15693 or others.

If interested, pls feel free to contact us or leave a note on the comments section.

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From: cherry zhang

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School PE Lap Counter / Timer using Orbiter tablet and RFID Chips

See a Panasonic ToughPad tablet and Orbiter time a school PE run

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From: Greg Stewart

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100 billion new computers the size of a grain of sand, RFID technology, scanning, retail, wholesale and distribution. Personal indentity, privacy invasion, tracking, monitoring and surveillance. Conference keynote speaker Patrick Dixon for Siemens RFID technology will be used in billions of things in our world - and these tiny chips will also be fused to brain tissue. 10 billion RFID computer chips were used by Wal-Mart alone last year. Impact of RFID on retailing, manufacturing, wholesale, distribution. Security and privacy. Multimedia conference lecture, keynote presentation by Futurist Dr Patrick Dixon. You can watch the entire presentation on Google Video (one hour keynote conference lecture on future...

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From: Patrick Dixon Futurist Keynote Speaker for Industry Conference

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DIY Hacks & How To's: RFID Transplant

RFID (radio-frequency identification) systems are all around us. They help us get through toll booths faster. They help stores keep track of inventory. They are even in a lot of toys.

But there is no reason why the RFID chips need to stay in their original housing. In this project, I am going to show you how to transplant a RFID chip into a different housing to make it more convenient or at least more fun use. You can make an RFID reactive wallet, multi-tool, or cell phone case. The only limit...

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Cyanide equipped RFID chip! Patent Denied in Germany


RFID chips are used for many useful purposes. However, the RFID has now been used for a more disturbing purpose. A Saudi inventor applied for a patent for a Cyanide laced RFID chip. The chip is a GPS device that contains a lethal amount of Cyanide and releases it if necessary. The patent was applied for in Germany, but was denied. There are many beneficial uses for RFID chips, which are discussed in this video as well. What other ways can beneficial technology be...

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From: BPCouncil

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How To Use RFID Chip Cards At Border Crossings

Demonstration on how to used RFID chip cards when entering or exiting the U.S. by land.

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From: BorderGuards

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Trac4U (Business Competition)

Our business idea is to develop a tracking system by RFID technology. As long as users put RFID chips on their items, they can easily locate their missing ones through accessing our database. We will use vehicles with RFID sensors on it to collect database of the chips.

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From: Sarah OuOu

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Obama Introduces Brain RFID Chip Program

Could be used for military Cyborgs. Also could help the paralyzed or be used for research to help others.

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How to find the rfid chip in UW husky card

Use a fiberoptic light source.

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