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Contactless cards, also called radio frequency cards, consist of a chip and antenna composed of sensors, packaged in standard PVC cards, the chip and antenna are fully enclosed without any exposed parts.

Radio waves transmit information between the contactless smart card and the card reader to complete read and write operations.

MoreRFID contactless cards can be divided into the following categories: contactless IC cards, RFID...

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Tonly Monders Genuine Leather RFID Blocking Men's Slim Wallet




Product Description

*Compact design to simplify your wallet

*Tonly Monders minimalist Trendy & Slim wallet will hold your credit cards, license, and cash.

*Compact and lightweight, but enough room for your basic necessities, not bulky. (You will be surprised at how much it holds)

*RFID BLOCKING helps keeps your credit cards and your personal information...

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EM08 125KHz EM ID Card Reader Module w Antenna Coil - Green EM 08 is smaller size 125KHz EM 4100 or compatible card reader module it is designed to be embeded onto reader or controller main board to make the read card function Power:5V 30mA Interface: Wiegand26(optional Wiegand34 TTL clock/data) Reader range:upto 100mm Frequency: 125KHz Support card: EM ID card or EM 4100 compatible RFID cards Operation temperature: -10~70' Opeartion humidity: 5~95%(no condensing) Audio/Visual...

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Bricraft RFID Blocking Leather Wallet - TheSmokinApe

Just a quick review of the Bricraft RFID Blocking Leather wallet, I was sent this product free of charge for review so here you go...

UPDATE: These wallets are designed to shield RFID credit cards, passports and enhanced drivers licenses that operate at 13.56MHz and above. These wallets do not shield non-smart cards or older low frequency 125kHz proximity...

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If you need help choosing the right RFID card/RFID tag, you can contact

“Radio Frequency Identification’s (RFID) unique contribution on the Internet of Things is by adding the value of what’s going on at a particular point on a specific object at an exact time.” To achieve this, Data collection, Process Automation and Optimization are vitally important. Data value is derived from the ability to continuously gather information on the item, its condition, location, ownership, who interacted with it last, temperature etc. These are strong use cases for RFID:...

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