uFR Mifare RFID Reader Writer - uFRCoder Simple Lazarus software review

µFR Reader is contactless RFID card programmer with development tools for multiple purposes primarily intended for software developers and companies that deal with software development. Reader supports contactless Mifare 13.56MHz cards ISO/IEC 14443.

Programming languages:

JAVA, Java Applet, JavaScript, Lazarus, Delphi, C + + Builder, Microsoft Visual C + +. net, Microsoft Visual C #, Microsoft Visual Basic.net

Supported platformes:

Mac OS X



Windows Mobile (version 5 and 6...

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From: DLogicSystems

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BeagleBone Black RFID ( MFRC 522 ) Read Write in Android

In this video shows Read and Write Smart Card ( Mifare 1k , Ultralight ) using Android application run on Android Ported Beagle Bone Black.

This is a very useful application of RFID (Radio-frequency identification) and is very commonly used in institutes, offices, homes and so on. An RFID system consists of a MFRC522 (RFID Reader) and a Smart Card . A Smart Card or tag has a unique serial number which is identified by the reader. Here RFID has been interfaced with BeagleBone Black to provide...

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RFID key fobs

PAC Supplies USA http://pacsuppliesusa.com is a Shopping site in RFID key fobs, access control, safety lanyards, police lanyards, portable receipt printers, blue bamboo printer, belt clips, plastic card holder, magnetic card readers, rugged tablets, mifare cards, 125 kHz cards.

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Kkmoon Contactless 14443a Card Encoder Ic Card Reader Writer with 5pcs Cards 5pcs Key Fob



13.56mhz Rfid reader writer, is widely used for system and project, such as automated parking management system, personal identification, access controller, production control, etc.features: Small size with Usb interface, don't need driver. non-contact Ic and writer. It's easy and stable to use. Support for Mifare, 14443a protocol, S50, S70 and compatible chip cards. Can be in many application systems, as personnel logistics, conference attendance...

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From: Brendon Rico

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MDB RFID Reader Glass Front Vending Demo

RFID-MiFare Reader (Model 1000) - mounted inside the payment slot of the glass front vending machine (replacing bill acceptor).

- Very secure with smart chip MiFare, using multi-encryption layers.

- Using MDB Cashless Reader services to plug in to the existing VMC controller that supports Cashless Reader Level 1.


- Certain vending machines (VMC) have their own slight "flavors" versions and type of requirements when dealing with cashless reader units such as RFID-1000 Reader offered by...

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From: Robert Rademacher

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Architect® Blue access control readers, combining RFID and Bluetooth®

STid presents the first upgradable range of High Security card readers, combining the RFID MIFARE® and Bluetooth® Smart (Low Energy) technologies. Architect® Blue is a secure user-friendly identification solution which makes your mobile phone the access key.

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RFID card data export to Google Spreadsheet + Keyboard Simulation - uFR2FileSystem software

Manufacturer web site: http://www.d-logic.net/

Software Free download page: http://dld.is.d-logic.net/

uFR2FileSystem version 1.0 download: http://dld.is.d-logic.net/index.php/download/ufr-nfc-reader-writer-download

RFID card data export to Google Spreadsheet by using uFR2FileSystem software with uFR Mifare Reader Writer.

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Low cost and simple EM4100 or Mifare RFID reader for Android from www.rfidshop.com.hk

* Low cost , Simple , No driver - EM4100 or Mifare RFID reader for Ipad , Android and Windows * *

Contact : www.rfidshop.com.hk


(125K EM4100 RFID reader with USB Keyboard emulation interface)


(Mifare ISO14443A RFID reader with USB Keyboard emulation interface)

•embedded antenna

•super slim size (65x20x7)mm

•read range : ~2-3 cm (for ISO card size)

•output interface : USB keyboard emulation

•No external power is...

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Time Attendance System by Digital Identification Systems, Pune

Welcome to Digital Identification Systems, Manufacturer of Access Controllers. The company was established in 2007. Our Customized solutions, Paid sampling policy, Global sales and support network have helped us to gain present repute in the industry. Cost-effective solutions, Timeliness, Easy payment mode and high quality service are some of the striking features of our organization. Our product list includes Time Attendance, Access Control System, ID Cards, Low, High and Ultra High Frequency...

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Java Script Simple Example for Mifare Cards Programing (Windows) - uFR Reader/Writer

Digital Logic Ltd. company is a manufacturer of high quality RFID NFC equipment. Our devices incude RFID Readers and Programmers with SDK tools, Time Attendance and Access Control devices, BusLogic Ticketing Systems, Tracking Systems and many more.

All our devices were evisioned and developed by our own team of engineers and software developers.

Digital Logic readers are perfect solution for business solution developers, academic programmers and all other users who need stable hardware...

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