RFID Signal Safe Mens Leather RFID Blocking Money Clip

Protect your finances and identity in style with this RFID Scanning protected stylish leather money clip from Signal Safe.

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Amazon US http://amzn.to/1MovubS

WebSite http://www.rfidsignalsafe.com/

Use coupon code (EDY7U58N) to save $8 off the listed price


Genuine Leather - Handmade from the best leather; uses the best RFID shielding material.

LifeStyle - Protecting your identity and credit without sacrificing your sense of Quality & Style.

Secure - Stops thieves before...

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From: Mardee Thompson

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Blockit Flower Design

I just got this great BlockIt card cover. The BlockIt card cover is a great little card cover that has RFID blocking protection. The RFID blocking cover keeps your credit card safe from thieves. These day thieves are so high tech, they don't even have to touch your credit card to steal your information right off it. With the cover from BlockIt they will not be able to scan your card from afar. You can be sure that your credit card information is safe when you cover them with the BlockIt. ...

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From: Sweepstakes Diva

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Card Blocr RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder & Slim Front Pocket Wallet - Minimalist Design

PERSONAL SECURITY - Best RFID credit card protection for your identity from RFID scanning thieves and electronics pick pockets.

MINIMALIST DESIGN - Card Blocr RFID blocking sleeve has a slim wallet design that fits great in front or back pocket. The metal credit card holder is extremely strong and won't bend.

ONE CLICK FUNCTIONALITY - One click action and credit cards slide out but won't fall out of sleeve.

FOR WOMEN TOO - Also use as a womens credit card holder. Keep your credit cards and...

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From: Conceal Plus

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Mens Slim Wallet with Radio Scanner blocking technology secure Credit Card Holder!

( the technology is radio scanning blocking technology not infrared)

Mens Slim Wallet RFID Front Pocket Wallet Minimalist Secure Credit Card Holder

• 100% Napa Genuine Leather (Softer, more Breathable and Glossier)

• Measures: 4.4 " x 3.15" x 0.12" (11.2cm x 8cm x 0.3cm)

• 6 card slots, 1 ID window and 1 money or receipt pocket

• RFID Blocking Wallet: Keeps your vital information Secure.BE SAFE and PROTECTED from Electronic Pick pocketing; Blocking all RFID scanners and readers


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From: lawmanfj

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World's first Bluetooth Tracker for Phone and Wallet with RFID Shield

BACK TRAK CARD NOW AT INDIEGOGO! - https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/trak-card-wallet-phone-tracker-with-rfid-shield#/

Trak Card is the World's 1st Bluetooth Tracker designed to prevent losing your wallet or phone AND stop RFID credit card scanning.

Like you, all our lives are in our phones, wallets, and credit cards. When we lose them, panic sets in; and in case you haven't heard - RFID scanners can steal your credit card information in seconds.

Trak Card is more than just the first...

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From: X Reviews

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Electronic Pickpockets and RFID Scan Theft | Women Are At High Risk http://www.BuyStealthCard.com


Best Identity Theft Protection from Electronic Pickpockets

Protection Against RFID Scan Fraud and Theft | Credit Card Skimming

The Stealth Card® is ALL YOU NEED to protect yourself from electronic pickpockets and scan fraud! Anytime you are in public, YOU ARE EXPOSED to this dangerous new crime wave.

Electronic pickpocket thieves are everywhere. Using LEGAL and easily obtained NFC readers and scan software, they can capture the information from your RFID...

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From: Quick Reach Media, Inc.

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Lifeventure RFiD Wallet

The Lifeventure RFiD Wallet is smart and spacious. Ideal for travel, it features 2 full-sized note pockets, 2 zipped coin pockets, 4 stash pockets and 6 card pockets. RFiD protection reduces the risk of identity theft and prevents unauthorised scanning of contactless credit cards and debit cards (card skimming).

Discover the full range of RFiD wallets and wearables at www.lifeventure.com.

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From: Lifeventure

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Security Credit Card Wallet

Security Credit Card Wallet, Protects your identity,

Blocks RFID scanning of your credit cards by Thieves Opens to a 6-8 pocket to hold credit cards,ID, Cash & more

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From: SUPER ID CARDS super . cards

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Credit Card Protector Sleeves - RFID Technology Protection - PayPass Mastercard

These are my credit card sleeves that I currently sell on Amazon and eBay. These sleeves have an aluminum lining that prevents thieves from scanning the information from the credit card without even touching it. I demonstrate in the video of they work.

Buy @ Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01CLS8O1A

Buy @ eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/301903098291

If you want all 6 to be only one of the two styles, visit Amazon for that option. There are 3 options to choose from.

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From: Ryan Harrison

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NewBring Metal Mini Money Clip Credit Card ID Holder With RFID Anti-chief Wallet

New Minimalist, Metal Wallet

This Is Not a Simple Metal Card Wallet

It Also Has Anti-theft Function

Note: to prevent theft refers to the credit card information being stolen.

Aviation Metal to Prevent Data Theft

RFIT discharge magnetic scanning, anti-degaussing

Product Design

Clamps and Screws 3.4 Stainless Steel

Panel Aviation Aluminum

Super Strong Rubber Band/

Strong tensile test up to one hundred thousand times

Inner 2.5mm aviation aluminum alloy/

Tough not deformed, to strengthen...

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From: 周德佳

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