RFID chips are a huge threat.

RFID chips are a threat to security and privacy. The government and credit card companies think that you have no right to privacy. They want to violate your rights. Is that okay with you? It's not okay with me. Stop being a sucker. Stop being taken advantage of. You have the right to privacy. Now is the time to protect yourself. I want to educate everyone about the issues. Here are some helpful links.

News report describing the threat posed by RFID...

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RFID chip enabled credit card DEACTIVATION in Canada- HOW TO prevent identity theft

Most merchants require chip enabled credit cards (CC) in Canada now. To protect your information from being stolen and used for fraudulent activity simply deactivate it yourself. When paying, another option of either swiping or a manual transaction can be used. Also by leaving your CC unsigned on the back, along with having a hole in the chip, staff are forced to ID the customer. This is more secure.

(update may 2013- i lost my credit card and luckily nobody could "tap" my card on "paypass"...

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How To Remove RFID Chip From A Credit Card

The chips in cards are a problem for me and many others who are EMF sensitive.

Many banks will not give you a choice or make accommodations to have a non-chipped.

Also many want them out for security reasons-so keep you card info secure.

I used a heavy duty hole punch I found on amazon.

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A virtual alphabet soup of chip technologies allow contactless or more secure credit card payments. What's the diff? Jenny Hoff explains.

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Safe-T-Chip RFID Blocking Credit Card Sleeves

Demonstration of the Safe-T-Chip Technology.

Don't be fooled by Imitations!

These are the ORIGINAL

FIPS 201 Approved

Protect yourself from people who are trying to steal your card data. With today's new credit and debit cards that have an RFID chip built into them, an identity thief does not even need to see or touch your card to steal your personal information!

Safe-T-Chip secure card sleeves, made with RFID shielding paper, will protect...

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How to Protect Yourself Against RFID Signals

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips are used in all US passports created after 2006 and in 98% of credit cards. The technology was designed to let us bypass the standard requirements of scanning or checking in. However, electronic identity thieves have undermined the security of RFID products by devising scanners that read your personal information without you even realizing it.

There are quick and easy ways to protect yourself from this new kind of identity theft, and Lewis N. Clark...

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RFID blocking passport sleeve and credit card sleeve

Demonstration of Identity Stronghold Secure Sleeve in action in Washington DC at the Avisian FIPS 201 breakfast. The sleeve blocks RFID or Contactless chips from activating. Secure Sleeve blocks EPC Gen2 UHF as well as ISO 14443 and ISO 15693 signals. Go to http://www.idstronghold.com to order.

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Open Your Mind (OYM) Radio - Credit/Debit Card Security Issues

Here is another test that we did to demonstrate the security flaw in credit/debt cards that have an RFID chip in them.

With the proper technology your credit/debit card information can be scanned without the criminal having to physically take your card. All they have to do is stand or sit beside you!

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RFID Security Breech Credit Card

While Adam Savage from Mythbusters may have a gag order not to talk about how easy it is to circumvent credit cards that have the RFID chip; This particular computer whiz is not under a gag order, and shows just how easy it really is for only $8.00 dollars.

(Now where do I get a stainless Steel wallet ? )

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The risk inside your credit card; Electronic Pickpocketing

Bob Segall/13 Investigates

Millions of credit cards now have a built-in device designed to make them more convenient. But is it also making your credit cards more vulnerable to fraud? 13 Investigates shows how credit card information can be stolen from your wallet while it's still inside your pocket.

Identity Stronghold is the leading provider of RFID security sleeves and badge holders to the U.S. government, and offers a full line of consumer products from card and badge holders, to...

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