Electronic Pickpocketing News Report

The Electronic Pickpocketing Threat is Real. Compelled to provide information on shielding RFID technology because the major credit card companies are not forthcoming with card holders, "Dispelling Myths. Straight Talk on RFID" security can be viewed here: http://youtu.be/06jKsbOiruc

Walt Augustinowicz continues to address the growing threat of electronic pickpocketing made possible by the issuance of RFID-enabled credit cards. Nearly 100 radio and television outlets throughout the U.S.,...

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Lock Wallet As Seen on TV

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Personal information can be retrieved from your credit, debit, identification card, passport or license by the activation of the card's RFID chip. Protect your personal information with Lock Wallet. Lock Wallet protects you from these scanners with its RFID shield that does not allow the signal from any device to retrieve any information. Lock Wallet is a portable vault for your cash, cards, and ID....

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