Project Ensemble intro - Rex

Ensemble is an RFID-based film technology that enables manufacturers, supply chain managers, and logistics providers with a means to ensure that batches of goods are enabled to communicate within each group and sound the alarm when any member of the group is missing, complete with location information.

Goods lost in transit pose not only a commercial pain but also a potential security risk in our current day and age, and effective real-time tracking from source to storage or point of sale of...

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VisiblEdge RFID enabled forklift @ RFID Journal LIVE 2011

Toby Rush discusses the power of RFID in the supply chain and demonstrates an RFID enabled lift truck solution, VisiblEdge, in the Manufacturing and Warehousing environments.

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ZEB: RFKeeper RFID for Inventory Control

ZEB Jeans case study: RFKeeper's solution enables ZEB to increase supply chain visibility, automate inventory counts, eliminate out-of-stocks and achieve its operations goals.

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An overview of the RFID-enabled processes for Blood Center operations in the transfusion medicine supply chain. Video includes screen-grabs of Spotlight at work. For more info see

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EssenRFID (UHF) Automotive Manufacturing part 2

An animated video showing an RFID implementation in a manufacturing set-up , and how EssenRFID's XtennaTM can help give you an advantage in the Manufacturing business.

Implementing RFID on the plant floor and synchronizing it with an RFID-enabled supply chain enables just-in-time production through efficient inventory management, shrinkage reduction and reduced stock levels

EssenRFID is an Indian RFID hardware manufacturer, based in Mumbai. Essen has been a pioneer in the field of RFID in...

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BP, Director of Applications, Chief Technology Office, Curt Smith - Mojix star

Footage from: RFID Journal LIVE! 2010 - Passive RTLS: Enterprises Gain Visibility to Large Scale Operations - Mojix Customer Presentations

Mojix STAR system RFID solution for Oil and Gas applications

With: Mark Roberti, Editor, RFID Journal and Curt Smith, Director of Applications, Chief Technology Office, BP

The Mojix STAR system is the first of a revolutionary new class of RFID systems, enabling unprecedented levels of precision and scalability in supply chain management and asset...

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From: Mojix Inc

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RFID in logistics

RFID enabled end-to-end supply chain solution.

To cope with the fast moving markets of apparel manufacturing, and in the effort of maximising retail sales, the manufacturers, brand owners, and retailers all need to efficiently automate their global business processes. Together Tyco ADT, Salpomec, UPM Raflatac and RDN have formed a fast and automated solution, the RFID Apparel Supply Chain and In-store inventory management.

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F800 Introduction

Alien® ALR-F800 is a best in class, self-optimizing Enterprise class reader that enables users to deploy best-in-class EPC Gen 2 RFID solutions for retail, supply chain, manufacturing, mobile asset tracking and asset management applications.

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From: Alien Tech

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The Hong Kong R&D Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management Enabling Technologies

The Hong Kong R&D Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management Enabling Technologies (LSCM R&D Centre) was founded in 2006 with funding from the Innovation and Technology Commission of the HKSAR Government. Since its inception, the LSCM R&D Centre's mission has been to foster the development of core competencies in logistics and supply chain related technologies, such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), and to facilitate the adoption of these technologies by industries in Hong Kong...

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Mojix Holiday VideoCard

Technology breakthroughs that bring new insights and new possibilities: 1) NASAs Cassini spacecraft captured images revealing water molecules on Saturns moon, Enceladus, a discovery that opens possibilities for human travel in the solar system. 2) RFID: the technology to revolutionize management of supply and demand and 3) Mojix: enabling new insights to transform supply chain management

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