RFID Global Solution (RFIDGS) Visi-Trac Launch RFIDJournalLive! April 2009.mp4

RFID Global Solution (RFIDGS) launches Visi-Trac, which has rapidly become the leading real-time asset tracking and visibility software for enterprise, data center and supply chain asset tracking needs. Visi-Trac targets aerospace & defense manufacturers and corporate, high value asset tracking. April 2009.

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Apparel - RFID operations, Salpomec, ADT and UPM Raflatac

Salpomec RFID warehousing solution for garments.

Optimisation of the supply chain is a vital competitive factor for both apparel manufactures and retailers alike. Brand owners want to prevent counterfeiting; manufacturers want to save time and money by streamlining their processes; while retailers seek to improve their point-of-sales (POS) activities.

RFID allows for all of these.

Source Tagging - Automatic Goods Reception - RFID-based sorting - Replenishment and Store Inventory Management...

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VisiblEdge RFID enabled forklift @ RFID Journal LIVE 2011

Toby Rush discusses the power of RFID in the supply chain and demonstrates an RFID enabled lift truck solution, VisiblEdge, in the Manufacturing and Warehousing environments.

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This is RFID in Retail - Motorola & NXP

Best-in-class RFID Solutions from Motorola and NXP: Optimized inventory control and greater operational efficiency throughout the retail supply chain.

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Store Point EMEA Advanced Retail Solutions

Store Point is a provider of supply chain management and loss prevention solutions. The RFID technologies provide retail chains with inventory management, loss prevention, targeted marketing and sales, and supply chain visibility solutions. Please watch our demo here http://youtu.be/aNwZ8zbnsnM

Store Point is offering the solutions, via a reseller network, to retailers in Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the Middle East and more.

Please contact us to learn more about the solutions...

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ZEB: RFKeeper RFID for Inventory Control

ZEB Jeans case study: RFKeeper's solution enables ZEB to increase supply chain visibility, automate inventory counts, eliminate out-of-stocks and achieve its operations goals.

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RFID Tracking Part 1 of 2

This is RFID Tracking video Part 1 of 2.

Tracking Innovations and 21st Century Business team up to discuss RFID tracking devices and software for the shipping industry. Tracking Innovations RFID tracking supply chain solution, known as the Real Time Tracking System (RTTS), takes real time RFID tracking to an entirely new level. This RFID tracking solution visibility, increases efficiencies, reduces costs, and improves supply chain management

Learn more about Tracking Innovations RFID...

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An overview of the RFID-enabled processes for Blood Center operations in the transfusion medicine supply chain. Video includes screen-grabs of Spotlight at work. For more info see www.transfusionmedicinerfid.org

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RFID Tracking Solution

Learn more about RFID technology for a tracking solution and the value it brings. This video is a 30-second synopsis about Tracking Innovations next generation RFID solutions. It touches on how Tracking Innovations Real Time Tracking System (RTTS) uses RFID to improve supply chain visibility, increase efficiencies, reduce costs and act as the ultimate RFID supply chain management solution. It is the ultimate tracking solution.

Learn more about Tracking Innovations RFID Tracking Solution:...

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W.O.C.C. Web Order & Cold Chain (English)

W.O.C.C. Web Order & Cold Chain is an integrated solution to enhance communication between supply chain stakeholders and to furnish process and quality related data between them.

The solution covers all the relevant aspects of inbound / outbound logistic processes including temperature monitoring and logging; in this context field operations may be automatized using RFID technology.

ERPlan srl - Via Andrea Sansovino 243-65L - Torino - Italy - info@erplan.eu

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