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Inviton - event management platform

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Inviton is an online event management platform offering various services ranging from online ticket selling to on-event services such as tablet registration, RFID visitor analysis, Access control with scalable access zones and many more

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IoT RFID Event Management Solution

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MaCh eX developed the first integrated IoT Event Management Solution that allows event participants to engage visitors with pre knowledge of their preference and have successful follow up through data analytics. It is a true end to end event management experience, from pre-event information to post event follow up

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Linking an RFID Badge to your video events (Sample App)

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One of our sample applications is linking an Impinj Matchbox UHF antenna to it's video events.

This application:

1. Displays the name of all RFID badges 'in view' in great big ridiculous sized font.

2. If you place your badge on the Matchbox antenna, the display will change to the list of all videos associated to that badge.

3. Click and enjoy. Your videos are ready to watch.

Emily highlights how the application works. Send an email to and we will send you the sample...

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RFID Journal LIVE! Europe 2011 Highlights

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Held on October 18-19, 2011 at the Dorint Hotel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. All across Europe, innovative companies are using radio frequency identification (RFID) to improve their manufacturing, supply chain and retail operations. RFID Journal LIVE! Europe was the only event that showcases real- world end user applications and educates attendees about how they can use RFID today to cut costs and improve sales. Check out video highl

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Presentation: RFID Industrial Deployment Trends

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From RFID Journal Harsh Environments event 2015

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RFID - Current & Future Opportunities #TechRoundUp

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The total RFID market is worth $11.2 billion in 2017, what are its future applications and opportunities? IDTechEx CEO Raghu Das joins Dr David Pugh to discuss this exciting industry.

For more information on our our report:

RFID Forecasts, Players and Opportunities 2017-2027

The complete analysis of the global RFID industry

New in August 2017, By Mr Raghu Das

For more information on our event Internet of Things Applications: Enabling Industry...

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History RFID Flyable Parts for Aerospace 2014 Tego

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Listen to Tego CTO, Bob Hamlin, at the RFID Journal's virtual event: "RFID in Aerospace and Aviation."

The approach Tego took was to provide a history of tagging flyable parts on aircraft. It's a very interesting story and there are a lot of insights to be gained by looking back over the past ten years. There have been some key market drivers along the way, and clear indications that the sector has embraced the value of high-memory tagging. The programs have not just gone according to plan,...

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Welcome Screens with RFID system

This is a welcome system to attendees for Events. We provide RFID solutions for events.

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RFID for events by NickIT digital.

The video explains it all, how RFID technology works, where is it used!

It can be used for any event, check ins, registrations, scanning, etc...

To know more about the same get in touch :

email at -

visit -

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RFID Event and Attendee Management Solution (RFID World Asia 2009) - Pinpoint and Breeze

RFID Event and Attendee Management Solution (RFID World Asia 2009) - Pinpoint and Breeze

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RFID Cashless Events Solution by Ticket Arena & Event Genius

Replace traditional cash and card payments at your event. Customers preload currency to RFID-enabled wristbands which can be topped up on-site and are used to pay for food, drink and merchandise. Read More -

Our RFID solutions can reduce queue times, staff costs, be used by all your vendors, eliminate cash handling mistakes and, most importantly, increase customer spending by 20-30%. No money, no problem.

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From: Ticket Arena & Event Genius

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RFID For Organized Bicycling Events

Using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) for organized bicycling events. Detailed description what RFID is and how to use it successfully to minimize costs, monitory event logistics and maximize enjoyment for everyone. Click here for our contact form:

Visit here for our main page:

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RFID for Events - #EventIcons Episode 14

Event technology seems to be brought up in every conversation we have on #EventIcons, and we can't have a conversation about technology without talking about one of the biggest technologies in the events industry, RFID (Radio-frequency identification). We decided to bring in the grand father of RFID for events, Anthony Palermo! Anthony is the co-founder and CEO of Connect & Go (RFID for events and stadiums), co-founder and CEO of Retail...

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Nutickets RFID Events Solution - Transform your Events with Cashless Payments

Boost sales & increase security with our fully branded RFID events solution, with add-on ticketing.

- White label RFID cashless payments system

- Add-on ticketing & access control

- Real-time customer & product reporting

See it for yourself! Arrange a demo via

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RFID విధానంలో ఉన్న లోపాలు, జరుగుతున్న అవకతవకలు |TSLPRB | EVENTS | TS POLICE |

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Manage RFID Tag Events, Moderate Tag and Update RFID Tag Directions

How to set up RFID Tag Read Moderating Events and Directional Updates

ClearStream 4.1 now includes powerful rfid tag moderation controls that can be configured to optimize the data that is shared with your database.

ClearStream 4.1 includes powerful RFID tag event controls that constrain records or assets being updated based on a series of RFID scans. This is a powerful feature that enables records in a database to be updated if and only when a series of RFID Scans take place. This is the...

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From: ClearStream RFID

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RFID Woven Wristband 12C

rfid wristband

woven rfid wristband

rfid silicone wristband

rfid nfc wristband

rfid paper wristband

fabric rfid bracelet

Fabric RFID Wristband

event rfid wristband

rfid woven wristband

silicone rfid wristband

disposable rfid wristband

custom printed wristband

silicon wristband

sport wristband

festival wristband

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