RFID (Wireless) Employee Key Fob and Clip on Retractor Improves POS Security

Used to automatically enter an employee PIN when clocking in, clocking out, and operating the order entry and office manager software. Improves system security and speeds up employee login. To log in the Employee just taps the Key Fob on the RFID reader and the system logs them in. The Employee number (10 digits) is also embedded on the Keyfob so your able to use the number to log in when remoting into the system from home or a different location. Purchase here;...

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Electronic Access Control Systems using RFID Badges, Prox Key Fobs and Smart Cards by AdvantIDge

AdvantIDge provides turnkey access systems so that businesses of all sizes can electronically control doors within their facility. Based in Los Angeles, we offer easy to use solutions that deliver lots of flexibility for system growth and the reliability professional organizations expect. For more information visit: http://www.advantidge.com/secure-access-control-los-angeles/ or call us at 800-965-5932/

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Easy 4-step process | Key Duplication Service | Key Fob Copy

Easy 4-step process to copy your RFID Key fob. Need to copy to have backup RFID key fobs. This video explains the simple 4-step process to get that done.



Convenient and affordable way to copy key fobs. Use our quick and simple service for RFID key fob clone, replacement and duplication in Orange County California.

The common key fobs that are primarily used to access the HOA, apartment complexes, condominium, swimming pools, gyms, and community centers...

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Control Module Industries Biometric Entrance / Exit Parking Lot Gate

This is a video of Control Modules biometric automated security gate. It can be operated unattended and supports multiple authentication methods (RFID - Radio Frequency Identification key fobs, RFID vehicle tags, fingerprint biometrics, and or barcode technology). The gate is capable of photographing vehicles as they pass through the gate and can also scan vehicle license plates using its OCR (optical character recognition) system.

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Shenzhen Goldbridge Industrial Co.,Ltd

Shenzhen Goldbridge Industrial company are engaged in rfid card, smart card, rfid key fob, rfid tag, nfc tag, rfid reader, long range uhf reader, and rfid wristband , access control system, electromagnetic lock, have 20 years experience in customize high-end door access control system.

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How to duplicate a key fob

This video shows a quick process flow of how I duplicate key fobs. This in particular is a Low Frequency 125khz HID key fob. There are many types of key fobs.

For details about the RFID key fobs explained check out my page:

👉 https://sumokey.com/pages/rfid-key-fobs-explained.

RFID duplication by serial number:

👉 https://sumokey.myshopify.com/collections/duplicate-key-fob-by-serial-number

The RFID duplication system that is listed on my website is the portable version. Where the High...

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Ad2000m Rfid Proximity Entry Door Lock Access Control System with 10 Key Fobs



High quality and security. Sensitively and response quickly. Support 250 standard users. card password, plus & card. Can add number and delete as your requirement. With 10 pcs of Key fobs. Classical Appearance with useful function. Professional design for Home and Office. Specifications: Working voltage: Dc 12v Unlock current: ?1000ma Static ?60ma Memory: read distance: 0-10 cm Rf type: Em temperature: ~ 70 C Wide rel. humdity range : 10 to 90 %...

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Lexus transponder key fob Remote disassembly

Disassembly of a lexus transponder key fob, for battery replacement.

This is a combined wireless transmitter/proximity system for remote lock/unlock and also proximity key detection for vehicle theft prevention.

The battery serves two purposes; it powers the transmitter function, but also serves to boost the range of the RFID function. This permits fall-back operation in pure RFID mode, in the event of battery failure. The fob must be held directly over the start button, in order for the...

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RFID Keychain / keyfob used such as access control, loyalty system etc. With a sealed RFID chip inside,the RFID key fob enables automate check-in or check-out procedures while capturing the information in real time.

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Intro RFID Transponder Technology

This is a brief introduction to the various available transponders used by RFID technology. Elatec RFID Systems offers cards, coins, labels, stickers and key fobs, and even customer specific transponders.

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