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Buy Cheap GPS Car Tracker

UniGuard, as one of the professional and experienced China GPS trackers suppliers, offers various GPS trackers to meet the current GPS tracking devices market, including GPS tracker for people, cars, motorcycles and trucks. All our GPS trackers can do real time web tracking and they use the latest SIMCOM800 GSM module and SIRF IV GPS chip, quad band and suitable for universal usage. Advanced Features: Image monitoring, Fuel monitoring, Temperature monitoring, GPS navigator, RFID control...

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Infratab Cold Chain Freshness Monitoring System

Infratab makes Freshtime, a freshness-monitoring system of RFID- and NFC-enabled tags that monitor elapsed time and the temperature of perishable items (food, medicines, flowers , blood, adhesives, ammunition etc). Freshtime integrates these variables in a 100-point metric that tells users concurrently "how fresh" the product is. For more information see Filmed at at the Internet of Things Applications exhibition, part of the IDTechEx Show!

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CES 2012: Smart Washing Machine - Quick demo by NXP

Demonstration of a "smart" washing machine using a wide range of NXP-based solutions, including an RFID reader that can recognize tagged clothing, detect fabric type and detergents, and automatically adjust its programming to the contents of your laundry. This appliance is also equipped with an NFC interface that enables maintenance engineers to read and configure the washing machine using an inexpensive smartphone.

The machine is based on an advanced yet cost-effective 32-bit system...

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ProxiTrak© RFID Software

ProxiTrak is a industrial-level asset location, surveillance and monitoring software suite providing full creative control by allowing you to create your virtual RFID tracking infrastructure through Computer Aided Design (CAD). This CAD-based globalized visual representation of your RFID tracking domain presents true real-time tag, data, events, actions and transitions through the intranet/internet that is not point-in-time discovery (PITD).

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Arduino RFID

Arduino RFID Access System

Online monitoring access process

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From: Nika Kobaidze

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Biometric Fingerprint RFID Guard Patrol Monitoring System AmpleTrails

Biometric Fingerprint RFID Guard Patrol Tour Monitoring System

Guard Patrol System eSSL PT100

How it works

Best solution for Guard Touring System

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From: Mayank Jain

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RFID Blood Monitoring Systems Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and For - Transparency Market Research, in its latest research report states, the global RFID blood monitoring systems market will grow significantly in the coming years. The global RFID blood monitoring systems market was valued at USD 40.9 million in 2012. However, it is expected to reach USD 174.2 million by 2019, growing at a CAGR of 22.8% from 2013 to 2019. The...

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From: Alina Martin

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RFID Patient Monitoring System

The RFID patient monitoring system was developed to aid Alzheimer disease patients at an assisted living facility. It displays the patients location and information on a Graphical User Interface.The system uses passive tags in the form of bracelets to communicate with a fixed UHF reader.

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From: ironlivr

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Sneak Preview: RFID Temperature Monitoring

This video introduces RFID temperature monitoring, an affordable and accurate solution which allows you to monitor the temperature of valuable goods over time.

Find out more at Electronica 2016, hall A5 booth #107.

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From: ams AG

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Dayton using RFID technology to monitor streets

Dayton using RFID technology to monitor streets

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RFID Monitor Overview

RFID Monitor is a command line tool that allows you to view your RFID network activity and health in real time.

Be sure to visit us at

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From: VIO Integration

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RFID Based Attendance Monitoring System And Proxy detection Using Arduino

RFID Based Attendance Monitoring System And Proxy detection Using Arduino

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From: Ved Prakash

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RFID Wireless Temperature Monitoring Wireless temperature monitoring is a remote automatic temperature monitoring RFID systems for frozen, chilled and hot food storage displays used in all retail areas of supermarket chains,service stations, fast food outlets, food preparation areas and refrigerated transport.

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From: Food temperature monitoring systems

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