RFID based student attendance system

"RFID based student attendance system"

To make the students attendance system autonomous this system can be used. Here a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags are used along with students ID cards, when the student show this Card to the card reader situated near to the gate of the classroom, then a special code is transferred wirelessly to the reader, which in return check the code.

If the code of is accurate according to the database of the institute, then only the gate will open.


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Active RFID Tracking Web Application Simulation


Active RFID people / asset tracking system video showing a simulation of what tracking would look like between 8 rooms, using 5 tags.

Items being tracked are initially stored in the stock room, they are then moved into other rooms, and finally back to the stock room.

Large orange spots indicate positions of readers.

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Asset Tracking (Hussar™ Active RFID Tags with Empress™ Handheld Reader)

With the help of Hussar™ Active Tags and a wireless reader, you can track and locate almost anything you can imagine anywhere. Take an office as an example, RFID tags can be attached to sensitive documents and high-value mobile IT equipment. The system can send out warning signals when these items are taken out of the reading range.

For more information, please read

website1: http://www.active-rfid.net

website2: http://hkrfid.blogspot.hk/

Hong Kong RFID Ltd.

Email: sales@hk-rfid.com

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Introduction of 13.56 MHz RFID Reader Writer w/ Antenna (233004)

GAO RFID's 13.56 MHz RFID Reader Writer w/ Antenna is an advanced reader writer that can read multiple tags from a distance of up to 30 cm under ideal conditions. The small form factor of this unit provides for easy installation and is a suitable hardware solution that can be integrated into POS Systems where multiple tag reads for long lines are required and is NFC compatible.

For more information, check out the product...

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NoviSign at NRF 2019 expo, New York - RFID tags in digital signage

NoviSign system has a built-in integration with IoT sensors. Most common on the market today are RFID readers. More and more products have RFID tags by default on them, so by adding a reader connected to the player, you can create great value with the digital signage displays. What you see here is call to action to scan a product and get more info. All scans are logged to the NoviSign reports system and enable you to learn which product created more interest, thus optimize your store and sales....

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ID Integration V-Tag Active RFID Solution

Save time and money with this emerging technology using active RFID tags to transform the concept of work-in-process tracking and RFID location tracking into a more cost effective and tangible solution for many companies while eliminating the need for expensive infrastructure. V-TagTM is an RFID active tag asset tracking system that has the ability for the tags to "talk" to each other, rather than communicating through fixed RFID readers and antennas. No more expensive infrastructure setup is...

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Compact RFID Tester

This is the Compact RFID Tester.

We can emulate the Reader signal and analysis the reader and tag signal with the system.

We can also do the protocol anaysis.

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IOT-Link: Bluetooth V4.0 BLE Active RFID system for RTLS, real time location system

The Bluetooth V4.0 BLE Active RFID system include the items.

1. BLE Tag: support panic button, G-sensor or various sensors

2. BLE Reader: read all the data broadcasted from the tag.

3. WiFi Gateway: bridge all the tag data read from the reader to the control center.

The RTLS system will support the applications.

 Location system: Asset, Passenger, Patient, Trailer

 Access control: Garage, Enterprises, Bank, Vehicle, Factory, Hospital,

Superstore, School, Warehouse

1. Logistic...

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Alien Technology Booth Interview | RFID Journal Live! 2016

Alien Products: http://rfidatl.as/2byymo1

Read More: http://rfidatl.as/2c3ZSox

Alien Technology manufacturers RFID technology and has been since 1994. They are one of the only companies that manufactures almost every part of an RFID system - tags, IC's, readers, and antennas. Alien works with large companies like Wal-Mart, Gillette Company, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and more.

New Products Include -

ALR-F800 - http://rfidatl.as/2bwMMJQ

ALR-H450 - http://rfidatl.as/2bQXVDs

Alien EC Tags -...

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ST25 NFC accessory detection (EW2018)

Find out more information: http://bit.ly/RFID-ST25

In this video Yvon shows a straightforward use-case for NFC based applications aimed at protecting your products.

With the ST25 product family, ST offers a complete portfolio of NFC and RFID tag and reader ICs for a wide variety of NFC-enabled solutions. Currently found in contactless payment, access control and public transport ticketing systems, NFC technology is a convenient, always-on low power short-range wireless link that is driving...

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