2.45Ghz Active RFID Tag and Active RFID Reader

Demo video:2.45Ghz Active RFID Tag and Active RFID Reader.

Can be used for Active RFIDvehicle management system, Active RFID the asset management system, Active RFID medical system.

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From: Andy Zhao

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To Deal with RFID reader, tag and RFID system, choose right Reader Protocol/Interface

This video shows the relationship among RFID Reader, RFID Tag/Wristband and RFID System. Only with all of them, the system can work. Besides, it tells you how to choose RFID Reader. More products information at http://www.asiarfid.com/

Email: contact@asiarfid.com

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Management system of entrances - RFID tags (Rregistrácia a správa vstupov - RFID)

A student project of a registration and management system of entrances using RFID tags. A RFID reader is connected to a database system. The system is controlled by a Raspberry Pi 2 single-board computer.

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From: IoT Kosice

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All About The RFID Technology - Applications & Working of UHF RFID Reader - www.globalkeyaccess.com

Information about RFID technology, working of RFID access control system with UHF RFID reader and RFID tags, applications of RFID technology, RFID for access control system including access control for parking lot management, door access control and security control by Global Keyaccess Technologies. Further information about RFID technology Visit http://www.globalkeyaccess.com/uhf-rfid-reader.html

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From: Globalkeyaccess

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VANCH RFID Portal System for Warehouse management

UHF RFID Readers, RFID Antennas, RFID Tags,RFID Inventory Control,Sports Timing, ETC, Vehicle Tracking,Library,Asset Tracking solutions,etc

Contact Details:

Name: Ms. Cindy Zhang



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From: Cindy Zhang

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RFID based Door Lock System using Arduino

I have used EM-18 RFID Reader Module and Arduino UNO board for this project. RFID Reader reads the unique rfid number from the RFID cards or RFID tag and sends it to microcontroller.The system/Door allows access based on the RFID tag received on the RFID reader.

Controller: ATmega328

RFID Reader: EM-18 Module

Software Environment: Embedded C, Arduino IDE, Serial Monitor/PuTTY

Special Features: RFID Interfacing, Serial Communication

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From: king07kd

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Security system based on RFID tag reader and PIC16F876A

Security system based on RFID tag reader and PIC16F876A along with LCD.

For more information Please feel free to email me at:


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From: Ali Challenger

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Applications and advantages of Visible RFID System

The visible UHF RFID system is especially practical in applications of process management, manufacturing, conveyor control, and management of facilities.

Some applications like manufacturing, conventional UHF RFID technology, the system error occurrence caused by reading unwanted adjacent tags together is frequent. So very complex and time-consuming tasks are further required including very precise power control, installation of electromagnetic shielding material, etc.

IDRO's visible RFID...

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From: Yanggi Kang

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[AsiaRFID] Logistics warehouse management system using RFID technology - HD

Logistics warehouse management system using RFID technology - HD http://www.asiarfid.com/?ytb is one of the best manufacturers and supplier for RFID Card, RFID Wristbands, RFID Tags RFID Reader products.

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From: xyt yy

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What Are Radio Frequency Identification Systems

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From: all about bengal

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