Store Point EMEA Advanced Retail Solutions

Store Point is a provider of supply chain management and loss prevention solutions. The RFID technologies provide retail chains with inventory management, loss prevention, targeted marketing and sales, and supply chain visibility solutions. Please watch our demo here

Store Point is offering the solutions, via a reseller network, to retailers in Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the Middle East and more.

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RFID Tracking Part 1 of 2

This is RFID Tracking video Part 1 of 2.

Tracking Innovations and 21st Century Business team up to discuss RFID tracking devices and software for the shipping industry. Tracking Innovations RFID tracking supply chain solution, known as the Real Time Tracking System (RTTS), takes real time RFID tracking to an entirely new level. This RFID tracking solution visibility, increases efficiencies, reduces costs, and improves supply chain management

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RFID Tracking Solution

Learn more about RFID technology for a tracking solution and the value it brings. This video is a 30-second synopsis about Tracking Innovations next generation RFID solutions. It touches on how Tracking Innovations Real Time Tracking System (RTTS) uses RFID to improve supply chain visibility, increase efficiencies, reduce costs and act as the ultimate RFID supply chain management solution. It is the ultimate tracking solution.

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Using Drones and RFID to Track Construction Inventory and People Tracking

Industry Supply Chain

An efficient and well-managed supply chain makes an enormous difference to the bottom line of any organization.

The UAV SmartHub™ solution allows to easily search options for machinery, trailers, roll-cages, vehicles and other equipment by multiple job sites, view their real-time and historical location, and create custom reports.

Improve productivity by minimizing downtime due to missing or lost equipment.

Have total visibility for your entire asset inventory at all...

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From: Smartx Technology

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Pulpable RFID Label - Confidex PulpLabel for material flow management

Confidex RFID PulpLabel brings an effective and reliable way to track pulp units and generate savings in material flow management - the solution translates into reduced shipping errors and increased visibility of goods within a supply chain.

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Alien ALR-F800 RFID Reader Introduction

For more information, check out the F800 product page:

The Alien® ALR-F800 is a best in class, self-optimizing Enterprise class reader that enables users to deploy best-in-class EPC Gen 2 RFID solutions for retail, supply chain, manufacturing, mobile asset tracking and asset management applications.

Featuring a new fifth-generation reader architecture that intelligently adapts and configures based on its environment, the ALR-F800 provides the...

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Infinite RFID Solutions Eng

INFINITE RFID solution receives ISO9001:2008 quality standard, and it is being approved both international standard and local standard under Thai NTC approve (certificate number A56013-08). It can support to both indoor and outdoor project, and can apply in many working process, such as inventory tracking, supply chain management, access control of personnel. Importantly, our company has professional team of software engineer who can design and make the customized software and new application...

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From: Infinite Technology Corporation

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EssenRFID (UHF) Automotive Manufacturing part 2

An animated video showing an RFID implementation in a manufacturing set-up , and how EssenRFID's XtennaTM can help give you an advantage in the Manufacturing business.

Implementing RFID on the plant floor and synchronizing it with an RFID-enabled supply chain enables just-in-time production through efficient inventory management, shrinkage reduction and reduced stock levels

EssenRFID is an Indian RFID hardware manufacturer, based in Mumbai. Essen has been a pioneer in the field of RFID in...

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RFID Tag, Warehouse System, Warehouse Management

Syntag Technology is the pioneer technology firm that applies RFID technology in supply chain and logistics field.

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Apparel - RFID operations, Salpomec, ADT and UPM Raflatac

Salpomec RFID warehousing solution for garments.

Optimisation of the supply chain is a vital competitive factor for both apparel manufactures and retailers alike. Brand owners want to prevent counterfeiting; manufacturers want to save time and money by streamlining their processes; while retailers seek to improve their point-of-sales (POS) activities.

RFID allows for all of these.

Source Tagging - Automatic Goods Reception - RFID-based sorting - Replenishment and Store Inventory Management...

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