RFID - future impact on retail, logistics, supply chain management, manufacturing - keynote speaker

http://www.globalchange.com Practical challenges in delivering wireless barcode revolution with water, metal challenges (RFID radio frequency identification devices). Controlling global supply chains at the speed of light. Impact of RFID on retail and wholesale stock taking. Conference keynote lecture by Patrick Dixon, for Red Prairie, audience of logistics and supply chain executives.

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From: Patrick Dixon Futurist Keynote Speaker for Industry Conference

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The Retail Environment | Auburn RFID Lab

This is part one of a four-part series geared towards learning more about how RFID can benefit retail as an industry through implementations on the retail floor, in the changing room, and through cycle counts.

The RFID Lab at Auburn University is a research institute focusing on the business case and technical implementation of RFID and other emerging technologies in retail, supply chain, and manufacturing.  RFID performance and quality testing has been a staple of the RFID Lab for years, and...

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From: Atlas RFID Store

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RFID Improves Business Processes in the Supply Chain and Retail Store

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Order Management, Retail Security, Asset Security


Syntag Technology is the pioneer technology firm that applies RFID technology in supply chain and logistics field.

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How Are Retail Stores Changing?

Justin Patton, Director of Auburn University RFID Lab, explains the changing world of retail supply chain. Retailers now realize that they have mini warehouses all over and ship products to customers from the closest store.

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From: RFID Lab

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RFID - Retail - Heathcare Oppportunity

RFID is ready for Healthcare

Hospital Supply Chain Managers always ask what about RFID rather than barcodes? The opportunity is vast, with less training and significant time saving compared to scanning barcodes. The issue has been cost and the ability to organise suppliers. I have always said when retail has RFID then it will be time for Healthcare to look at RFID. That time has arrived...

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From: Gary Adams

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Low cost RFID Hang Tag for Retail and Supply chain

This is the least expensive RFID tag around because we sell millions of them. They are use for tracking most retail goods and replace the normal 'price tag' found on most garments.

Call us at www.SimplyRFiD.com for more info -- thanks!

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From: Simply RFiD

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Global RFID Market for Retail Applications - Market Research 2015-2019

Link to Report: http://bit.ly/1QRXFjw

Technavio’s market research analysts predict the RFID market for retail applications to contribute close to 24% of the overall RFID. The RFID tag market is broadly categorized into active and passive tags. With the increased trend of omni-channel retailing, the supply chain complexities are expected to increase over the next four years. Hence, to improve tracking and visibility of items, the use of RFID technology will significantly impact the retail...

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From: Technavio

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RFID in Retail

In this new blog post from Mojix, learn how the introduction of RFID technology into supply chain and store operations is helping retailers around the world be more efficient and profitable. Read Blog Post Now: http://www.mojix.com/rfid-solutions-impacting-retailers/

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From: Mojix Inc

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Zebra: Employing RFID in Your Retail Supply Chain

Join Zebra Industry Development Manager McLeod Williamson as he shares how RFID can deliver better visibility to your retail supply chain. To learn more about RFID visit our website: https://goo.gl/3926XL.

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From: Zebra Technologies

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