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RFID label making solution

it is a compact solution for making RFID fabric label. the function as below:

1.sticking RFID label to fabric tape

2.folding the tape

3.sealing/cutting the label


the solution includes 3 part: label stick and folding device, ultrasonic cutting machine and detecting machine

we are a lead manufacturer of fabric label, garment label, care label washing printing, cutting, processing machinery from China for more than 30 years, we produce flexo printing, rotary printing machine,...

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BareMetal Data World 2007: Ken Schneider

Ken Schneider from Perm-a-Store discusses RFID tracking of tapes.

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Shielded Duct Tape Wallet

Shielded duct tape wallet. Had a little trouble getting the card out since it's wrapped in paper and I'm doing it one-handed. Blocks RF signals so your RFID cards can't be 'accidentally' swiped.

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Monitoring working time of employees using RFID and PHPoC

This video shows how to monitor working time of employees using RFID and PHPoC. When a RFID Tag is taped on RFID reader, PHPoC read employee information stored in Tag, insert in to remote mysal database.

It's very simple to implement on PHPoC because of powerful library. The full source code is free to download at

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