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RFID Signal Safe Mens Leather RFID Blocking Money Clip

Protect your finances and identity in style with this RFID Scanning protected stylish leather money clip from Signal Safe.

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Genuine Leather - Handmade from the best leather; uses the best RFID shielding material.

LifeStyle - Protecting your identity and credit without sacrificing your sense of Quality & Style.

Secure - Stops thieves before...

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Lewis N. Clark® RFID-Blocking Aluminum Wallet

With a lightweight but durable aluminum exterior, this wallet is easy to spot at the bottom of your bag and contains seven different slots for your driver’s license, credit cards, gift cards, reward gifts, etc. It also shields your cards from RFID signals.

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How to intall Long Range RFID Transponder RBT17?

Non-stop in/out of parking lot. Up to 20m reading; Standby when out of reading area; Strong signal penetration; Fast and reliable identification; Windshield mounted and easy installation.

It is a highly affordable long range RFID card/ RFID tag/ RFID Transponder that can penetrate most vehicle solar film to truly offer maximum distance hands free parking access.

Product Application

Intelligent Parking Management System;

All-in-one Card Access Control System;

Non-stop Vehicle Counting...

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RF-Care: Device-Free Activity Recognition by Learning RFID Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI)

This demo showcases a device-free, real-time posture recognition technique using an array of pure passive RFID tags, and it works via learning how the Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) from the tag array is distributed when a person performs different postures.

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Indoor localization of a person with active RFID tags.

Indoor localization of a person with active RFID tags.

Left: Probability Density Function (PDF) of the position of the person, obtained from the RFID Signal Strength measurements (no odometry).

Right: True trajectory (green) and estimated trajectory (black).

More info:

Scientific details:

Detected tags are highlighted at their locations with solid red circles.

LOPSI Group:

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World's Thinnest RFID Blocking Wallet Review

This is a review of the DuraWallet RFID blocking wallet, the world's thinnest wallet. An RFID blocking wallet has a special material that blocks RFID signals so an RFID signal reader can't read what's in your wallet. This keeps your personal credit card information safe and secure. If you are looking for a really thin wallet, and you also want RFID protection, this wallet is perfect for you.

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Signal Vault Review - Best RFID Protection

Signal Vault Review - Best RFID Protection

Protect any wallet in seconds form electronic pickpockets! All Signal Vault products use RFID protection to keep scammers from getting electronic access to your sensitive cards, passport, and drivers license! Get the slim debit and credit card protector, a protecting phone case, or a protecting passport organizer!

Thanks for viewing our Signal Vault review. Click the link above to get the best RFID protection for your chipped...

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RFID Signal Safe - Signal Blocking Demo

Demonstration of Wallet and Money Clip blocking the RFID signal of a Credit Card.

To Purchase the Money Clip on Amazon Click Here:

To Purchase the Wallet on Amazon Click Here:

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Block your cell phone signal or rfid

Simple cell, rfid, signal blocker cell phone, low tech


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From: Robert Cotton

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SignalVault - RFID Scanner Signal-Vault Signal Vault

Just wanted to show everyone the tools the criminals use to steal your information and steal billions of dollars per year. My setup can capture cards from 18ft away but hackers can do this from much further than myself.

In my next series of videos, I'll be running this setup out of a backpack as I walk through crowds and detect chipped cards.

This is not a "How-To" video. I will NOT be stealing anyone's card info and I will not show how that is done. Plenty of people will but I think...

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Signal-Vault RFID Blocking Test 1 - Pass - SignalVault Signal Vault

Local6 Investigative Reporter tests the SignalVault Credit & Debit Card Protector. It passes the RFID blocking test with flying colors!

The SignalVault card has been tested and verified by QualTest, Inc. as an independent 3rd party and the results were conclusive that the SignalVault did pass all tests and does block the RFID signal. Visit to see the results and get protected.

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Signal Vault RFID protector review

A Signal Vault effectively STOPS your RFID Paywave, Tap and Go, Pay Pass credit card from being activated by a passing criminal... Simply insert in your wallet and forget about it. That simple! Check it out at

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From: Simon Cope

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