Winnix USB Desktop UHF RFID Reader Writer

Winnix USB uhf rfid reader writer, this reader is a short distance reader, it reads 30-40cm distance. We would provide software(API, DEMO, SDK and protocol)

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From: cheung wah

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Simple using read-only reader

DAILY RFID just launched a new product UHF RFID Desktop USB Reader which has many advanced features and very reliable performance. UHF RFID Desktop USB Reader supports Plug-And-Play and very simple for using, it doesn’t need any software or driver to work. After you connect the reader to your device, then open a txt, word or Excel file, while you read the RFID tags, the tag ID will be shown where the cursor is. Owning to its easy using features, it get a lot positive feedback from customers.

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High-Power USB UHF RFID Desktop Reader/Writer

The eChain High-Power USB UHF RFID Desktop Reader/Writer is an elegant, well designed professional RFID reader that connects with a single cable to your USB computer port.  This reader operates within the 856 - 928 MHz (UHF) range, is high power (+26dBm, 0.4W) and has the ability to read RFID tags up to 27ft / 9m, although effective operating range is 9ft-12ft  (3m - 4m). Using the provided software, you can begin reading RFID tags in minutes.

Unlike similar products on the market, the...

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From: eChain Technology

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DUR 120 is a desktop reader that allows the easiest way of integration of UHF RFID technology into everyday use. The reader is powered and controlled directly by a USB interface or Ethernet interface, thus allowing reading EPC Class 1 Gen2 UHF RFID tags. Thanks to its ergonomic shape and portability the reader is a perfect choice for various applications. This unit is ideal for USB handheld applications, in which high performance and advanced functionality is desired.



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