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Passive EPC tag read at 39 - 42m with a hand-held reader

Breaking the read distance records for Low Cost passive RFID tags using a standard Alien H3 chip.

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Before scratching head when your reader stopped reading tags, just let the RFID Checker Card face the reader antenna to see how LED on the card blinks. RFID Checker Card provides very simple way of checking the strength and frequency of radio emission from the UHF RFID reader antenna. Just let the card face the reader antenna move it back and forth to measure the longest distance from the reader antenna where LED shines.

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VS-1007C long range tablet RFID Reader and animal RFID tag test distance

Long range tablet with RFID reader to read animal ear tag,read range about 4m. usually read ID card about 8-10m



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From: Andy Zhou

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UHF RFID solution

Gate Automation by CAR sticker - long Distance RFID solution . RFID stickers is pasted on CAR front glass, the LONG distance RFID reader sense the sticker from 12 meter distance and OPENS the gate . +91 9831021270

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RFID Reader

EM18 RFID reader used to read 125 kHz RFID card wirelessly for a very short distance. It is generally used in applications like attendance system, access management, tracking of goods etc.

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Testing Video for Eway UHF RFID Handheld Reader H-300

It is our UHF RFID Handheld Reader,we also have other two typs of RFID Handheld Reader,portable design,long distance,if you are interested in,pls mail to,thanks!

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RFID Desktop Reader for Reading Tags with Long Randing Distance

This RFID Desktop Reader for Reading Tags with Long Randing Distance can widely used in the desktop application. It comes with USB port and can easily connect to the PC or other devices for transfer data. For more details, please visit DAILY RFID ( or email us at

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Test UHF RFID Reader for Personnel Management

Simulation for personnel management projects with UHF RFID readers and UHF antennas, the distance is 2 meters.

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From: Lucky Zhang

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Introduction of 125 kHz LF RFID Reader (211023)

GAO RFID's 125 kHz LF RFID Reader is fully compliant with ISO18000 standard and is able to read EM4001 compatible format ID cards. It features high receiving sensitivity, low operating current, stable performance and high reliability. The ID card reader with built-in antenna has a long read distance of 80 to 100 cm and communicates viaRS232, RS485 and Wiegand 26ports. It is widely used for parking and personnel access control. This low frequency RFID reader is equipped with an auto-tuning...

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From: GAO RFID Inc.

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Simulation Test for Fixed RFID Reader Personnel Access Control

Simulation test for RFID personnel management, access control with fixed UHF reader CL7206C8, the distance is about 5m.

More details about our products:

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From: Lucky Zhang

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Introduction of 13.56 MHz RFID Reader Writer w/ Antenna (233004)

GAO RFID's 13.56 MHz RFID Reader Writer w/ Antenna is an advanced reader writer that can read multiple tags from a distance of up to 30 cm under ideal conditions. The small form factor of this unit provides for easy installation and is a suitable hardware solution that can be integrated into POS Systems where multiple tag reads for long lines are required and is NFC compatible.

For more information, check out the product...

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From: GAO RFID Inc.

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Winnix USB Desktop UHF RFID Reader Writer

Winnix USB uhf rfid reader writer, this reader is a short distance reader, it reads 30-40cm distance. We would provide software(API, DEMO, SDK and protocol)

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