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UHF RFID project at

Container tracking and tracing project at TATA. Each container has a UHF RFID tag. Tags and locations will be read by an industrial IP66 PDA that is linked via GPRS to a central server (cloud computing). Complete paperless handling system for container management created by Improvement-it. GPS coordinates of all movements are stored as well.

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Materieelbeheer bij Stork op basis van UHF RFID

Stork uses the Alltrack tool management system developped by Improvement-it. UHF RFID is the technology that enables the system to function. Besides RFID, barcode and GPS can be added to the same system since it works independently of the registration technology.

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Healthcare RFID logistics system

New cooperation between CB and Improvement-it optimizes healthcare supply chains. Smart RFID boards create replenishments orders automatically. The orders are followed in the supply chain are followed by UHF RFID smart labels.

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RFID NFC cards and PDA project at SAB

Waste collection and registration by using innovative NFC RFID technology. The waste removal is registered by reading the user NFC card and entering the amount of waste taken by the collector via an RFID enabled PDA. A cloud based solution arranges all waste registrations and payments. As NFC chip the latest NXP NTAG203 chip has been selected in combination with a DOT300 RFID enabled PDA.

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UHF RFID project at

UHF RFID project movie of tracking and tracing of audio and video equipment at Dutchview. Project executed by Improvement-it.

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RFID on card mills project

RFID project at card mill manufacturer

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