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Welcome buy cheap Plastic cards ,Smart cards ,PVC cards ,RFID label ,metal cards,3D Lenticular card ,paper cards, playing card ,hologram labels/stickers ,card reader/writer from China www.osunrfid.com

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PVC Card inkjet printer, barcode cards, inkjet printer, bar code card fabrication equipment

Welcome buy cheap Plastic cards ,Smart cards ,PVC cards ,RFID label ,metal cards,3D Lenticular card ,paper cards, playing card ,hologram labels/stickers ,card reader/writer from China www.osunrfid.com

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RFID Smart Card Reader/Writer

Upgrades to the RFID Smart Card Reader project. Now it writes to the smart card. Either automatically write the RFID tags that are read or hook it up to a PC and write data directly to the smart card. There's one more button left so if you have suggestions for another upgrade let me know in the comments! Here's the website: http://sites.google.com/site/airwavershr/Home/rfid-smart-card-reader

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Omnikey CardMan 13.56 Mhz RFID USB smart card reader/writer

OMNIKEY® 5321 is a contact and contactless smart card reader that links to your PC. It reads / writes to both a 13.56 MHz contactless smart card and virtually any contact smart card.

Is a versatile reader that economically supports an end-user where both contactless and contact smart card technology may be in use. The reader supports contactless smart cards with up to 848kbps in the fastest ISO 14443 transmission mode.

There is a dual LED status indicator showing when the reader is busy or...

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Cards Asia 2010 - Asia's biggest cards and payments, retail and RFID conference!


• Card issuers

• Cards Manufacturer

• Card Printing /Personalisation/ Hologram

• Card Testing Equipment

• Chip Cards Manufacturer

• Chip Cards Software/ Hardware

• e-Commerce

• Electronic kiosks

• EMV solutions/consultancy

• Hardware -- reader/printer/ writer/terminal

• Information Delivery Systems/ Software

• Loyalty program providers/ operators

• Magnetic Stripe Cards Software

• Manufacturers -- chips/cards peripherals/card...

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ConCERTO LOGON How to install and issue a first card within 5 minutes.

This video shows you how to install ConCERTO LOGON and issue a first ConCERTO card within a few minutes.

ConCERTO LOGON is a solution for secure Windows logon using a contactless RFID card. Further it supports Single Sign-On. Login with your card and PIN code and auto0matically get logged in to virtually any application you want. For further information on ConCERTO LOGON click here:


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AIOI Smart Tag NFC Logistics Demo

Smart Tag Logistics System Demo is an Android demonstration application of AIOI Systems Company's visible RFID smart tag (http://aioismarttag.com).

Smart Tag is a business card size display that utilizes the e-paper to display information, such as date, company name and logo, barcode, and product name. Through Near Field Communication (NFC), information can be read using a Sony reader/writer, AIOI reader/writer, or other devices, such as smart phones that can read and write Smart Tag. It...

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DuraScan® D600 Contactless Reader/Writer

Meet Socket Mobile’s handheld NFC device - the D600 Contactless Reader/Writer with Bluetooth wireless technology. This latest addition to the durable DuraScan line can read RFID, NFC, HF tags and smart cards, while reading and writing to other NFC devices.

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Cyclemore Nfc Acr122u Rfid Contactless smart Reader & Writer/usb + Sdk + 5pcs Mifare Ic



Application: Home banking and shopping E-commerce Checking the balance of electronic purses Network access control Customer loyalty program Identification and authentication Ticketing Online gaming Parking and toll collection Automatic fare Public transportation terminals Physical Time attendance Vending machines Contactless phones Logistics and supply chain management Specifications: Interface: Usb Full Speed Operating distance: voltage: Regulated...

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