Mobile RFID Card Reader

The mobss reader allows mobile verification and attendance tracking using standard corporate building access cards

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how to use HUAHUI SR6 RFID card reader

This vedio made by Huahui Tech workers, Mr.Otto and Mr.Yance

shows how to use Huahui RFID card reader, phone and card reader connected by bluethooth card reader

3.card reader read the card by contact way

4.card reader read the card by contactless way

more info please contact Mr.Yance from HUAHUI INFO&TECH CO.,LTD


Cellphone: +86-139-2629-7135 (support whatapp)

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From: Corn Yance

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Mobile + RFID card POS

High security blue tooth Mifare card reader for Mobile app .

We offer 3 APP for card business . Can be used for motorbike taxi payment application .

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Mobile RFID-Reader: ID-12 + XBee + Arduino

This ID-12 RFID reader is controlled via Arduino. When it detects an RFID card it forwards the ID of that card via XBee to an XBee receiver station.

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Overcome limitations of RFID based card readers using Cloudastructure SmartKey

Access Cards create an aura or secure and restricted access but watch how easy it is create a duplicate card using a long range RFID Card Reader. A mere proximity scan from a few feet away is all you need to duplicate the access cards and gain access to buildings that you think are...

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From: Cloudastructure Inc

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Mobile Addon - Megnatic / NFC / RFID Card Reader

Read most type of cards with this simple device, just hook it up to your iPhone or android phone, swap the card, and read all its contents. can also duplicate the card by writing to another card.

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AH2206 is an industrial-class RFID mobile device, integrated mid-range high-performance RFID reader module and scanner. It is compatible with ISO15693 transponder, reading distance up to 30cm (ISO Standard RFID card). With collision-resistance algorithm, identify speed reach up to 50pcs/sec. it can integrate with QR scan and barcode scan , GPRS/WCDMA for optional function. skype ID : chenhui_hb

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Attendance Monitoring System Using RFID

Attendance Monitoring System Using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a system where the lecturers can keep track of student's attendance from their smartphone.

In this project a system has been developed to solve the problem of attendance taking and use the available technologies we have these days to make it easier. This system consists of two parts, a system hardware and mobile application.

The hardware part has been developed to read student's ID card (RFID tag) using RFID reader....

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uFR Mifare RFID Reader Writer - uFRCoder Simplest Lazarus software review

µFR Reader is contactless RFID card programmer with development tools for multiple purposes primarily intended for software developers and companies that deal with software development. Reader supports contactless Mifare 13.56MHz cards ISO/IEC 14443.

Programming languages:

JAVA, Java Applet, JavaScript, Lazarus, Delphi, C + + Builder, Microsoft Visual C + +. net, Microsoft Visual C #, Microsoft Visual

Supported platformes:



Windows Mobile (version 5 and 6 for...

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Mobile Card Reader

RFID Card reader used for verification, attendance, and logical access.

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