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Silent Pocket: RFID SCANNING - A Quick Hack of Your RFID Chip Embedded Credit Card

It only takes a thief a few seconds to "skim" the information off of your credit / debit cards, passport, or to clone your office access badge.

They can do it wirelessly, from several feet away, and you'll never even knew it happened - until you get your bank statement that is!

Protect yourself from hacking, spying, tracking, and skimming NOW with a Silent Pocket Faraday product.

Get yours now at:

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RFID Blocking Wallet: Why Use One?

Using an RFID blocking wallet in our digital age is not only a good idea, but a necessity! Hackers and thieves can steal your personal information from passports, credit cards, and ID cards.

Your smart phone can also be compromised, your passwords stolen, and you can be tracked with it 24/7.

You need RFID protection NOW, so go to and buy an RFID blocking wallet NOW!

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What is a Silent Pocket Faraday Cage Product?

A Silent Pocket Faraday Cage, Faraday Sleeve or Faraday Bag is an enclosure made of metal mesh that blocks wireless signal in the form of Cellular Network, GPS (Global Positioning System), Bluetooth data exchange, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), WIFI (Wireless Local Area Network) how you connect to the Internet, NFC (Near Field Communication) like Apple Pay, and other signals emitted and received by your cell phone or mobile device.

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How to hack a cell phone with RFID, bluetooth and NFC

60 minutes covers defcon hackers convention and shows how vulnerable your mobile phone is to being hacked with RFID (radio frequency identification), Bluetooth and NFC (near field communication) in your mobile phone.

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Protect Your Privacy and Security with Silent Pocket Products

You can protect your privacy and security with Silent Pocket products. We offer full Faraday cage products along side RFID / NFC blocking wallets and bags.

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V1 Silent Pocket - block GPS tracking, cell spying and RFID skimming

V1 Silent Pocket products are utility driven made to block wireless signal in an easy to use pocket. A simple step to enhancing your personal data.

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