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[IDRO TV] UHF Fixed Type 4-Channel RFID Reader

IDRO Fixed Type 4-Channel RFID Reader, IDRO900F!

Superior reader range up to 12 meters!

Superior Anti-Collision Performance that allows up to 200 tags per second!

Small Footprint and mono-static antenna that makes the installation easy!

Simple system integration by the use of IDRO API which is user-friendly!

Firmware upgradability available through serial port!

Performance optimization that can achieved through power contorl (10~30dBm)!

High performance. Low cost. and Best service! - Why not?

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[IDRO TV] UHF RFID Reader Module (IDRO900MA)

Best UHF RFID Reader Module here!

High performance, Best services, Low cost and Compact size.

This small yet powerful module will fit your needs.

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[IDRO TV] UHF Fixed Type 4-Channel Visible RFID Reader

Reading selected tags, it's no longer impossible with IDRO!

IDRO900V (UHF RFID Visible RFID Reader) makes life easier!

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[IDRO TV] Visible RFID System to read selected tags, IDRO900V

Having difficulties in reading tags?

Your reader reads all the tags nearby though its useless?

Do you want to read the selected tags only?

Then IDRO900V is here!

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