Quick View: Motion Trend Men's RFID Blocking Wallet

Combine Fashion with Function

Most modern credit cards are now embedded with radio frequency identification (RFID) chips which make the valuable information on these cards at risk of electronic pickpocketing using RFID readers. Our fully tested RFID blocking wallet blocks signals from RFID readers, protecting your credit cards and providing you with the peace of mind in knowing that your information is safe from electronic theft.

Made with 100% napa cowhide leather, the Motion Trend RFID...

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RFID SHIELD PROTECTION - Is this World Control or Mark of the Beast


Travis Merrick and Ron Hatton share about RFID, the Mark of the Beast, and a shield that will protect your credit cards from hackers who can get your information from your credit cards that have the RFID chip. Is this the future of the world? Is this a fulfillment of Biblical prophesy?

The Cards are NO LONGER available.

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EMV to be Enacted Oct 1st 2015, RFID Chip to be put in all Credit & Debit Cards Mandatory info

Bombshell Mark Beast News: Oct 2015 ALL Credit Debit Cards will only use RFID Chip


Mark Beast News: Oct 2015 EMV readers will be contactless to just swipe hand & go


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Electronic Pickpocket RFID App Instructions

Instructions on how to use the Android electronic pickpocket app by Identity Stronghold. This app can test your cards for RFID chips and see if your credit and debit cards are scannable.

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Electronic Pickpockets and RFID Scan Theft | Women Are At High Risk http://www.BuyStealthCard.com


Best Identity Theft Protection from Electronic Pickpockets

Protection Against RFID Scan Fraud and Theft | Credit Card Skimming

The Stealth Card® is ALL YOU NEED to protect yourself from electronic pickpockets and scan fraud! Anytime you are in public, YOU ARE EXPOSED to this dangerous new crime wave.

Electronic pickpocket thieves are everywhere. Using LEGAL and easily obtained NFC readers and scan software, they can capture the information from your RFID...

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RFID chips are a huge threat.

RFID chips are a threat to security and privacy. The government and credit card companies think that you have no right to privacy. They want to violate your rights. Is that okay with you? It's not okay with me. Stop being a sucker. Stop being taken advantage of. You have the right to privacy. Now is the time to protect yourself. I want to educate everyone about the issues. Here are some helpful links.

News report describing the threat posed by RFID...

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Signal Vault Review - Best RFID Protection

Signal Vault Review - Best RFID Protection


Protect any wallet in seconds form electronic pickpockets! All Signal Vault products use RFID protection to keep scammers from getting electronic access to your sensitive cards, passport, and drivers license! Get the slim debit and credit card protector, a protecting phone case, or a protecting passport organizer!

Thanks for viewing our Signal Vault review. Click the link above to get the best RFID protection for your chipped...

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RFID Credit Card Chips are here (2015)

How to use Chip Credit Card. (Mark of the Beast System)

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From: Vicky M. Hall

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Mark of the Beast in the Mainstream! RFID NFC 666 Microchip

Our world is rapidly integrating RFID chips into EVERYTHING. Passports, Credit Cards, Drivers Licenses and soon it will be YOU. Equip yourself with the knowledge to escape the horrors which are to come. This technology is not trendy, hipster or cool...it's about COMPLETE control of your information, thoughts and ultimately your SOUL. Get saved, because time is short...

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The risk inside your credit card; Electronic Pickpocketing

Bob Segall/13 Investigates

Millions of credit cards now have a built-in device designed to make them more convenient. But is it also making your credit cards more vulnerable to fraud? 13 Investigates shows how credit card information can be stolen from your wallet while it's still inside your pocket.

Identity Stronghold is the leading provider of RFID security sleeves and badge holders to the U.S. government, and offers a full line of consumer products from card and badge holders, to...

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