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Stratum Global RFID Tag Testing

Read performance on specially engineered RFID tags looped around trigger guards of various weapons. Counting performed by AssetTrack Physical Inventory module deployed to Motorola MC9090-G mobile reader

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RFID Conveyor Solution

RFID solution for automated tagging of existing Inventory prior to being shipped to Retailer. Eliminates manual 'Slap 'n Ship' operations.

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RFID Physical Inventory for IT Assets

Tracking of IT assets using Stratum Global Physical Inventory Module

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RFID Ship/Verify Operation at Chemical Plant

RFID tagged Chemical drums being shipped and tracked using TagNet software and PEV client on Lift truck

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Frac Tag read distance with MC9190z

Reading Frick RFID Frac tag on 4" pole with Motorola MC9190z handheld reader

3ft read distance

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InfoPrint - RFID Paper Roll Tracking

Inventory tracking of paper rolls for High Speed Printers at Boulder InfoPrint Center (BIC).

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