Smart Labs Pro will Change Way Labs Work with RFID

Smart Labs is an integrated Cloud system for managing, tracking and intelligently controlling every element in the lab including specimens, equipment, personnel, and inventory. This Cloud solution is agnostic of hardware technologies used to record and send data wirelessly.

It reduces time spent looking for equipment, counting inventory,and trying to locate employees during times of emergency and saves resources which are otherwise wasted on overstocking, lost due to unchecked expiration...

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Campus Safety - University Police Department Installs LEID Products BACS System to Secure Assets

Campus Safety - Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) achieves immediate benefits using BACS asset management system for accurate control and tracking of officers shared equipment. SIUE Chief of Police Gina Hays shares her experience with LEID Products. With 39 police officers staffing two SIUE campuses, the majority of department assets are shared. SIUE purchased the BACS Asset Management System for its accessibility, accountability and efficiency. BACS (Biometric Access Control...

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UHF RFID Operation using Backscatter

This video will show you how RFID systems work in industrial applications to track transport equipment. RFID readers on rail lines and in shipping yards/ports keep track of container movements and locations.

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Introduction to RFID Bus

Software presentation RFID Bus.

The platform provides a single software control interface for RFID equipment from different manufacturers.

RFID Center Russia

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About RFiD Discovery - Simon Dawkins, Addenbrooke's Hospital

Simon Dawkins, Head of Medical Equipment Library, explains how Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has saved millions of pounds by tracking medical devices with RFiD Discovery.

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Andea HF RFID Reader PBYTJ312 testing(5 books 2 thickness 6~7cm)

Andea, a leading HF RFID equipment manufacturer in China, more than 15 years experience in RFID equipment research and development. Welcome to contact

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Vizzia: Mission Hospital

Mission Hospital tapped VIZZIA to deploy and manage a real-time location system (CenTrak’s combination RFID/IR RTLS) in order to track more than 1,300 pieces of moveable medical equipment (MME). Within just one year, Mission has reduced lost or stolen equipment from 13.8 percent to 0 percent.

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The Importance of Testing RFID Solutions

Testing is key to launching a successful RFID implementation. While RFID works well in a wide variety of environments, testing is necessary to find the optimum RFID tags, readers, and antennas for your application and environment.


Read more about RFID at

Shop RFID equipment at

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CES 2012: Smart Washing Machine - Quick demo by NXP

Demonstration of a "smart" washing machine using a wide range of NXP-based solutions, including an RFID reader that can recognize tagged clothing, detect fabric type and detergents, and automatically adjust its programming to the contents of your laundry. This appliance is also equipped with an NFC interface that enables maintenance engineers to read and configure the washing machine using an inexpensive smartphone.

The machine is based on an advanced yet cost-effective 32-bit system...

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STANLEY Healthcare at HIMSS 2016

STANLEY Healthcare's AeroScout solution is the KLAS Category Leader for Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) - 5 years running. Unlike other RFID-technology vendors who either solely focus on RFID hardware or software but not both, the AeroScout Wi-Fi RTLS line features the award winning MobileView Visibility Platform that tracks, manages, alerts, integrates, visualizes and analyzes location data in real-time, helping make the moving parts of a hospital smarter: Caregivers, staff, patients,...

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Equipment Management - MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE == M330 - Equipment Management ==/ Operational Area // Management Software ==

Management of Equipment emphasizing facilities such as:

- Registration / Characterization of Equipment and Contracts associated to them;

- Control by optical means / Bar Codes and RFID;

- Interventions on Equipment (Maintenance / Review, Repairs and Others) and their Attribution / Allocation;

- Integration with the Helpdesk;

- Control of Outputs, Consumption and Expenses in general on...

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End-to-end RFID tracking solution for hospitals

Watch our animation in collaboration with GS1 Ireland and ASD on how together we can provide a complete end to end RFID solution for hospitals. Allowing them to track patients, medical equipment, medication and more with RFID technology.

GS1 Ireland -

VisionID -


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Automatic Rushed Card Equipment With Advanced RFID Technology

AsiaRFID is one of the best manufacturers and supplier for RFID Card, RFID Wristbands, RFID Tags products. We are the original factory of RFID products. Welcome to contact us for wholesale and bulk price RFID cards.

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Durable RFID Solutions For Heavy Metal Equipment

RFID asset management of heavy metal equipment in harsh environments. By Holland 1916

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From: Omni -ID

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AH2201 RFID hanheld terminal reading range 28cm

Andea, a leading HF RFID equipment manufacturer in China, more than 15 years experience in RFID equipment research and development. Welcome to contact

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From: Alex Mai

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From: angel li

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RFID encoding equipment function QC bad label check

RFID encoding equipment function QC bad label check

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From: Norah Ho

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RFID Equipment & Tool Tracking from Silent Partner Technologies™

RFID Equipment, Inventory and Tool tracking from Silent Partner Technologies™. A solution for Landscape, Construction, HVAC and Mobile repair just to name a few.

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From: Silent Partner Technologies

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