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Using the Keyboard Wedge for RFID on the Juno T41 with Android

In this video, we show you how to use the keyboard wedge feature for reading UHF RFID tags. The Trimble Juno T41 supports reading RAIN, GEN2, and optionally Rail (AEI) tags. We helped Trimble build this RFID software, as well as our own EPX RFID middleware for Android.

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Simple Inventory Application using EPX-RFID

Demonstration of a simple inventory app using EPX-RFID for Android. The demo uses a ThingMagic USBPro UHF RFID Reader connected to an Arbor IOT-500 embedded Android device. Items are added to, or removed from the inventory list.

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Developing RFID Apps for Android (Amazon Fire HD demo)

The EPX-RFID software from SDG Systems can be used on Android for embedded or fixed devices, or integrated into mobile "sleds". Because it's Android, it also works on Amazon products, for a low-cost solution. Learn more about the API here:

Or visit us at and submit an inquiry to learn more.

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