Hymar RFID Blocking Card Factory Test

Hymar RFID blocking card desgin for credit card and ID Passport bank card protection .

Main working on blocking high frequency data card ( eg credit card bank card ID  passport )Only ONE Hymar RFID Blocking card as enough . 

Secondary  Working on blocking  low frequency data RFID card ( eg..Doorway entry cards Transportation cards  )  Two Hymar RFID work as well 

there is best way to test does  exactly hymar blocking card works or not ,

Contactless payment terminals   test way( high...

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From: Hymar Trading

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Introduction of UHF 860–960 MHz Gen2 Desktop RFID Reader (236007)

GAO RFID's UHF Gen2 RFID Reader is designed for the desktop. It is compatible with both EPC Class1 GEN 1 and GEN 2 Protocols operating in the UHF 860-960 MHz band, supporting both North America and the EU standards. The 236007 desktop RFID Reader makes it easy for a small to medium size business to handle anything from meeting government mandates to investigating the potential of RFID labeling for the supply chain. Developers will find the 236007 Standalone RFID Reader/Writer an excellent tool...

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From: GAO RFID Inc.

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RFID Anti-metal Tag Could Work On Metal Surface Test

Website www.asiarfid.com

Email contact@asiarfid.com

RFID Anti-metal Tag Could Work On Metal Surface By RFID Hand-held Reader Test.

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Quick View: Motion Trend Men's RFID Blocking Wallet

Combine Fashion with Function

Most modern credit cards are now embedded with radio frequency identification (RFID) chips which make the valuable information on these cards at risk of electronic pickpocketing using RFID readers. Our fully tested RFID blocking wallet blocks signals from RFID readers, protecting your credit cards and providing you with the peace of mind in knowing that your information is safe from electronic theft.

Made with 100% napa cowhide leather, the Motion Trend RFID...

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From: LINKYO Corp

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VH 70A RFID reader 2D Test

More information like hot sell RFID reader quotation conatct apple@vanch.net

We can find the right product for you and give you our 11 years successful experience.

If you can offer us your project information like managed goods, working environment, project purpose and your current managing method.

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From: Apple Chen

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RFID Comparison with Tim from Tech Support

Tim shows us how easy it is to get started with RFID and does a range test using the various readers and RFID devices.

Music by: Dean Diamond


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From: SparkFun Electronics

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Active RFID 2.45 GHz Speed Test by Sagato Technology

บริษัท ซากาโต้ เทคโนโลยี ได้ทำการทดสอบระบบ RFID ระยะไกล (long range) โดยการ Detect ระหว่าง Reader กับ Active Tag ที่ความถี่ 2.45 GHz ทำการทดสอบด้วยความเร็วรถยนตร์ที่ 80 และ 120 กิโลเมตร/ชั่วโมง

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From: Paprakalow

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dronescan rfid reader

testing of the DroneScan RFID reader payload.

Specially encoded tags for bin locations are displayed on the drone's LED display.

The white flash indicates a different RFID code scanned from the one previously scanned.

Performance is good, both reading speed and read range.

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From: Drone Scan

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Tablet rfid reader and paper rfid tag test video

VS-1007C tablet rfid reader and paper rfid label test.if you want to learn more,please contact




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From: Andy Zhou

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long range tablet rfid reader for test

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From: Andy Zhou

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