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Calibrating the Zebra ZT410 RFID Printer

The Zebra ZT410 Series UHF RFID Printer is a rugged and reliable RFID printer that encodes and prints on RFID labels saving time and money. If your application is need of an RFID printer, the Zebra ZT410 is a great choice, but like many RFID printers - setting it up can be a tedious process if you do not have previous experience calibrating printers.

In order to make the process easy and get the application up and moving quickly, this video walks you through the following:

- Turning the...

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ThingMagic Products

Check out ThingMagic RFID readers and reader modules here:

ThingMagic has three main areas of product offerings: Finished Readers, Embedded Modules, and Platforms & Tools.

Finished Readers:

Mercury 6 (M6) -

Rugged 4 Port reader

Up to +31.5 dBm

Astra-Ex -

Clean, integrated reader

Integrated 8.5 dBic Circularly Polarized antenna

Vega -

In-vehicle, ruggedized reader

3 Antenna Ports

USB Plus+ -

Small, USB Reader


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Technology Solutions (TSL) Booth Interview | RFID Journal Live! 2016

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To look at TSL's line of products:

Technology Solutions (UK) LTD. is a manufacturer of mobile UHF RFID readers. They offer different RFID readers that all operate on a simple, and easy to use ASCII API. In the video, TSL's Managing Director, Dr. David Evans talks about the history of TSL along with three of their newest products - the TSL 1128, TSL 1153, and TSL 1166. Each device has a slew of accessories that enables it to work...

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RFID Tags: How to Get the Best Read Range

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When working with RFID readers and tags, it is not always as easy as just sticking an RFID tag on an item and go. Some items are made from materials that are hard to track, or work differently with the RF waves.

SOAP is an acronym designed to emphasize the four main factors that can affect read range in RFID tags. Considering the tag size, orientation, angle, and placement will enable users to receive the best read range possible for their...

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atlasRFIDstore Site Survey Analysis

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Organizations considering RFID need to do it right the first time to avoid costly mistakes. The RF Survey solution is designed to facilitate a smooth RFID deployment by providing actionable recommendations and options for process enablement.

The RF Survey evaluates the physical layout of a location for an RFID system to support necessary reading range, low interference, and high capture rates. It identifies hardware,...

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Alien ALR-H450 Handheld RFID Reader

Alien ALR-H450:

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The Alien ALR-H450 is a new, handheld UHF RFID considered as one of the best handheld RFID readers on the market. It has Incredible performance while being very intuitive and user-friendly. The 2-D barcode scanner, enhanced 4 dBic Circular antenna, and low-cost make this reader perfect for all types of deployments.

Applications: Manufacturing, File Tracking, Asset Tracking

For more information on RFID read our...

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The Retail Environment | Auburn RFID Lab

This is part one of a four-part series geared towards learning more about how RFID can benefit retail as an industry through implementations on the retail floor, in the changing room, and through cycle counts.

The RFID Lab at Auburn University is a research institute focusing on the business case and technical implementation of RFID and other emerging technologies in retail, supply chain, and manufacturing.  RFID performance and quality testing has been a staple of the RFID Lab for years, and...

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U Grok It Booth Interview | RFID Journal Live! 2016


The U Grok It Grokker UHF RFID Reader is a easy-to-use, handheld RFID reader. It is a plug-and-play device that allows users to get started with RFID without the large costs typically associated with RFID readers. It is suited for most applications that are using RFID to identify, locate, track and take accurate inventory. With three unique apps on the Apple and Android app store, this reader contains everything you need to get started.

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Alien Technology Booth Interview | RFID Journal Live! 2016

Alien Products:

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Alien Technology manufacturers RFID technology and has been since 1994. They are one of the only companies that manufactures almost every part of an RFID system - tags, IC's, readers, and antennas. Alien works with large companies like Wal-Mart, Gillette Company, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and more.

New Products Include -

ALR-F800 -

ALR-H450 -

Alien EC Tags -...

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ThingMagic USB Pro RFID Reader

USB Pro:

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The USB Pro is the next generation of the USB Plus+ UHF RFID reader ( with new features like an external antenna port. This reader has a transmit power of +30 dBm and has a max read distance of up to 1.2 meters with the internal antenna, and up to 6.1 meters with an external antenna (6 dBi Linearly Polarized Wideband Antenna used).

Applications: Basic Read and Write, File Tracking/Document...

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