Printed Labels by Accurate Labels Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi

Welcome to Accurate Labels pvt ltd, customized complete solutions for all your label requirements. Manufacturer & Exporter of Labels, Stickers & Printers Incepted in the year 2005, we are Sole distributor of Thermal Printers, Scanners and TT Ribbons. We provide Extensive range of product and unparallel quality & value with Diligent & dedicated workforce.We design and offer splendid range of Printed Labels, Stickers, Ribbons, Barcode Tags & Foils.Blister, Multi Colour Self Adhesive, Label for...

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How to set up Zebra Barcode Printer from

Zebra Printer set up and calibration for printing Barcodes using our inventory, asset, evidence, warehouse management systems and all tracking applications.

Track the movement of materials by using barcodes, RFID and barcode scanners to receive, move, checkout, Checking and issue items within your warehouse, distribution center, stockroom or store

ASAP Systems Passport makes tracking items simple. Scan and track via Barcode or RFID.

We've seamlessly integrated bar code and RFID scanning and...

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Seagull Scientific Bartender

With hundreds of thousands of users in more than 150 countries, BarTender is the world's leading design and print software for labels, barcodes, cards and RFID tags. Running stand-alone or integrated with just about any other program, BarTender is the perfect solution for almost any on-demand printing or marking application, including: labels, print and apply, direct marking on parts and packaging, encoding smart cards, sign production, and much more. Powerful companion...

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RFID label making solution

it is a compact solution for making RFID fabric label. the function as below:

1.sticking RFID label to fabric tape

2.folding the tape

3.sealing/cutting the label


the solution includes 3 part: label stick and folding device, ultrasonic cutting machine and detecting machine

we are a lead manufacturer of fabric label, garment label, care label washing printing, cutting, processing machinery from China for more than 30 years, we produce flexo printing, rotary printing machine,...

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Label Printer Applicator applying RFID tags

For more information regarding ID Technology products and solutions, please visit our website at

Label Printer Applicator prints, encodes, applies and verifies RFID tags.

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From: ID Technology

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Weber 5300 Label printer applicator

Weber's Model 5300 label printer applicator system is redefining the meaning of versatility in pressure-sensitive label printing and application.

In addition to offering a broad selection of high-quality print engines that feature various print resolutions and label dispensing rates, the Model 5300 system is available with optional RFID print-encode engines.

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Roll to Roll Screen Printing Machine

Roll to roll screen printing machine with multi-color printing ability and automatic register function. Suitable for printing heat transfer labels, stickers, FPC, IMD, RFID antenna, etc. For more information, please contact e-mail

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From: Frank Lee

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MarkMagic - The Barcode Label, Forms, and RFID Tag Printing Engine Inside Manhattan WMi & WMOS

MarkMagic is the barcode, form, label, and RFID tag software from CYBRA Corporation. It is the printing engine found within Manhattan Associates WMi and WMOS warehouse management software.

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Centralized Label Storage - Bartender Enterprise Labeling Best Practices

BarTender Enterprise labeling software grows with your business. Design and print labels and barcodes, encode RFID tags, create mag stripe and smart cards. Additionally, it can be used to drive print & apply systems, perform direct part marking, create signage like shelf tags plus do laser etching providing a solution for most industries and regulations.

Do you have questions about labeling software? Call a product specialist at 1-800-446-1991.

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Codeway Green Machine - plant tray labelling 1

Codeway Green Machines print and apply point of sale labels to plant pots and trays. They process batches or read bar codes on plant tags and print individual labels.

Codeway's Labelling Systems division builds automatic print and apply machines for your products and develops application software to integrate them with your production processes and business systems. For more information please call Kathy Jolly on 01206 751300 and go to

Codeway creates...

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