Sensor Tadpole

Sensor Tadpole is an award-winning passive RAIN RFID sensor tag, used to detect small amounts of water leakage inside vehicles. Several OEM’s have successfully tested the cost-effective UHF tag in cars to ensure that they leave the factory watertight. The comprehensive RFID solution may also find applications in aviation manufacture, shipbuilding and many more. Sensor Tadpole won the "Best New Product" category at the prestigious 2016 RFID Journal Awards in Orlando, Florida.

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[China Hi-Tech Fair Video] 4STEC, Smart RFID v1.0/Smart IoT v1.0

Smart RFID v 1.0 is an integrated type of RFID middle ware and RFID mobile middleware. It transmits standardized RFID tag information through ALE standard qualification to application. As occasion demands, it can be customized, so it provides efficient service for users.

Smart IoT is a convergent middleware capable of controlling and monitoring IoT-based hardware equipment like RFID, BLE, Beacon and all sorts of sensing. When using convergent IoT software, all sorts of sensing equipment like...

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The VIP parking system

This system presents the analysis on parking system for VIPs by using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Global System for Mobile communication (GSM). The purpose of creating this system is to assist VIPs at the parking lot and also for security matters. VIP parking system concept improves the availability of parking spots for VIPs. Every VIPs have their own card to identify themselves as VIPs. In order to identify them, RFID is applied in this system and...

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IOT-Link: Bluetooth V4.0 BLE Active RFID Sensor Tag, built in panic, G-sensor and Sensors

The Bluetooth V4.0 BLE Active RFID system include the items.

1. Tag: The tag is integrated with the panic, G-sensor or various of sensors. EX: temperature, humidity, IR, gas, etc.. The sensor tag will support the environment monitoring.

2. Reader: The reader will read the report data sent from the tag. All the data will be transmitted to the control center.

The monitoring software will collect all the data of the tag, sensors.

3. Sensors: include the temperature , humidity, IR temperature,...

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A secured dual-level authentication protocol using Arduino, RFID and fingerprint sensor


In this project using hardware components arduino, RFID reader, fps, buzzer, dc motor and lcd.

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SMARTRAC Sensor DogBone

Sensor Patch:

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The Sensor Dogbone was released in 2015 as one of the first UHF RFID sensor tags on the market. With a moisture sensor built into the Magnus S3 IC, users are able to detect any moisture in a given environment along with the typical UHF RFID read information.

Applications: Construction, Energy, Healthcare, Automotive Production, Military

For more information on RFID read our ebooks, customer profiles, and...

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Industrial RFID sensing networks for critical infrastructures security (Scenario 1)

The Radiofrequency Identification of the emerging Industrial Internet of Things is here applied to the low-level monitoring of critical infrastructures to detect early attempts of physical and cyber attacks. The proposed RFID sensor network, developed within the H2020 project SCISSORS, includes a new family of multi-purpose wireless boards, usable in both battery-less and battery-assisted modes, a multi-antenna reader unit and a multi-level command and control software capable to enforce a...

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Pepperl + Fuchs makes a wide range of sensors, factory automation equipment and RFID technologies

Pepperl + Fuchs makes a wide range of sensors, factory automation equipment and RFID technologies. It has identified CC-Link as important for China and Asia, and says it is increasingly useful in Europe and America too. Many companies are using CC-Link, because it is compatible with products from many control equipment manufacturers."

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EE2001 Shopping Assistant for Visually Impaired

Development of an embedded system handheld device prototype to help the visually impaired to have an efficient shopping experience. This prototype is built using micro-controller PIC16F877. Features include: position tracking (RFID tags and reader), voice prompts (voice chip), obstacle detection (ultrasonic sensor), haptic feedback (servo motor) and shortest path computation (C-programming). This prototype was developed for module EE2001 at National University of Singapore

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Trac4U (Business Competition)

Our business idea is to develop a tracking system by RFID technology. As long as users put RFID chips on their items, they can easily locate their missing ones through accessing our database. We will use vehicles with RFID sensors on it to collect database of the chips.

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TEJ4M - Door Security System

Door security system uses RFID card and reader, magnetic switch, proximity sensor, servo, LED, RGB LED, and Piezo.

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rfid scanner,rfid sensors,rfid distance,rfid electronic tag,daily rfid,rfid tag definition

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NXP Demonstrates UCODE G2iM+ Gen2 Interactive RFID with Inputs and Outputs for Electronics

NXP demonstrates UCODE G2iM+ Interactive Gen2 RFID for Electronics at RFID Journal Live! 2011.

See how RFID is used to enable electronic devices with a UCODE G2iM+ Gen2 RFID IC. Other features include a tamper sensor and a digital switch within the IC.

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Fujitsu RFID and Sensor (AIT) Solution User Guide Video

An User Guide video to show you how to use Fujitsu’s RFID printer software, Label Design and Encoding Management Pro (LDEMP) which is one of the components of Fujitsu RFID and Sensor Solution.

It will explain how you can input data onto the RFID tags and how you can change the layout.

Contact email address :

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RFID Motion Sensor

An enhanced passive UHF RFID tag able to monitor human movements

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Preparing Revo Bump tags for Jeti RFID-Sensor by RC-Thoughts

Quick demonstration and How-To make Revo Bump tags fully compatible to RC-Thoughts Jeti RFID-Sensor and RFID-Battery app

For more details please visit

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rfid scanner,rfid sensors,rfid distance,rfid electronic tag,daily rfid,rfid tag definition

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Biometric Fingerprint Access Control Machine Digital Electric RFID Reader Scanner Sensor Code System Biometric Fingerprint Access Control Machine Digital Electric RFID Reader Scanner Sensor Code System For Door LockBiometric Fingerprint Access Control Machine Digital Electric RFID Reader Scanner Sensor Code System For Door Lock

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RFID Tag Sensor

A temperature sensor attached to an RFID tag.

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Passive Wireless RFID Temperature Sensor Demonstration & Tutorial. Ideal for Food Safety.

RFID Sensors have the amazing ability to wirelessly transmit temperature data from a sensor that has no battery. The sensor uses the RF energy from the RFID reader to power the electronics and transmit the reading. No battery makes these sensors ideal in many applications, such as food safety. This video demonstrates the reading of a tag with multiple hand held readers. It also shows the performance of the tag at low freezing temperatures and against metal. The video highlights several of...

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HF Wireless Passive Battery-Free RFID Temperature Sensor Demonstration and Tutorial

Learn more at The capabilities of a commercial passive, battery-free wireless RFID temperature sensor in a credit card format are demonstrated in this video. The video covers RFID readers, battery free passive RFID temperature sensors, High Frequency HF 13.56 MHz ISO 15693 RFID sensor technology, prevention of self-heating, low temperature performance of the Phase IV Engineering SensTAG, metal mount RFID sensors, custom RFID sensors, and other sensor options such as...

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Jeti RFID-Battery presentation

Quick rundown of RFID-Battery sensor features and RFID-tag writing. For a complete info go to

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Introduction (1 of 7) UHF RFID Sensors

Learn more at Part 1 Introduces UHF EPC RFID sensor tags that have revolutionized RFID sensing with long read ranges. These tags can be battery free (passive) or battery assisted data logger.

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NCD1025 *** RFID with integrated temperature sensor

Brief demo on the performance of our RFID with temperature sensor integrated in silicon (NCD10125)

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TAG Sensors NFC and RFID temperature sensors with memory

TAG Sensors low cost NFC and RFID temperature sensors with memory

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