RFID Reader and Tag - Ultimate Guide on RFID Module ...

What is RFID Zombie tag

 A brief note on RFID Technology

RFID stands for radio frequency identification. RFID tags are small chips (usually comes in a smart card or visiting card shape) that are used in our day to day life for unlocking hotel rooms, entering into cars etc.These tiny chips along with an RFID reader forms the RFID system.

RFID  technology was first used during world war 2 to...

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VAT 2Go - Enterprise IOT Solutions - Radiant RFID

RFID, BLE (Bluetooth Smart), GPS and Barcode-Based Mobile App for iOS and Android

VAT 2Go is the mobile companion app to Radiant RFID's Virtual Asset Tracker (VAT) asset management solution that enables fast, accurate item-level inventory. By Bluetooth-pairing an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet to an RFID "sled", the application achieves all functionality of our handheld-based Mobile...

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RFID Services | Triptych Solutions

RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) is the most robust and cost-effective technology available for managing or tracking. This technology is transforming many industries by offering real-time visibility into inventory and product movement thus helping to improve productivity and loss prevention. An RFID tag serves the same purpose as a barcode; providing a unique identifier for that object. Yet...

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Orbcomm - Wikipedia

History[ edit ]

Founding and Low-Earth Orbit Satellite System Development[ edit ]

The ORBCOMM Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) system was conceived by Orbital Sciences Corporation (Orbital) in the late 1980s. In 1990, Orbital filed the world's first license application with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for the operation of a network of small LEO spacecraft [5] to provide global satellite...

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Inventory Tracking

Unique Features

Network Architecture --- leverage existing corporate LAN/WAN/VPN for efficient data collection and control across the entire enterprise.

Flexible Configuration --- detect and identify tagged assets, people and vehicles at specific control points or monitor within broad coverage zones.

Automatic ...

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Texas Instruments RFID - Electro-Com

TI is the world's largest integrated supplier of radio frequency identification (RFID), with over one billion RFID tags, smart labels and RFID readers manufactured for use in asset tracking, car access and animal identification. RFID products from TI provide the ultimate solution for a wide...

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Radio Frequency Indentification (RFID) Tags

Radio Frequency Indentification (RFID) Tags

RFID tags come in many sizes and form factors.� They offer a wide range of performance, read distances and are selected...

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Technologies Plus - Automatic Identification & Data ...

Technologies Plus supplies Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) Solutions using Barcode and RFID Technology and Software

We provide inventory, warehouse and data management solutions. Our services include designing, selling, installing, and servicing Automatic Identification and Data Collection  systems.

Labels / Tags / Ribbons Color Digital Printing Asset Tags Custom Labels Stock Sizes Prime Labels


RFID Item Tracking...

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RFID Solution Provider in Middle East - Acube Infotech

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ESMA - Tyre Tracking System

The Acube Tyre tracking system tracks tyre movement and complete warehouse Inventory.

Jewellery and Inventory Management

ACUBE JIMS is an RFID based inventory management solution for Jewelry and Diamond Industry


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Website: https://www.acubeinfotech.ae

RFID Products - rfid-pakistan.techitsys.com

Alien Technology provides UHF Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) products and services to customers in retail, consumer goods, manufacturing, defense, transportation and logistics, pharmaceuticals and other industries. Alien's products include RFID tags, RFID readers and related training and professional services.

Confidex ( 0 Articles )

Confidex designs special UHF EPC Class1 Gen2...

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Savi's Solar RFID Offers An Environmentally Friendly ...


Savi Technology is deploying solar-powered RFID readers for customers in the defense and commercial sectors who want to conserve energy and reduce costs by tracking supplies in real-time, the Lockheed-Martin subsidiary reported this morning.

Solar energy provides an energy efficient and environmentally friendly power source for users' RFID hardware, and also eliminates the need to install...

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RFID Centre | Indoor RFID Tracking

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Indoor RFID Tracking

Passive RFID systems can be used over short-ranges where the objects to be tracked pass through a small number of known narrow points that can be automatically monitored - such as a pallet of goods passing through a door in a warehouse. Passive RFID systems are only capable of recording the movement of objects at those specific choke points and loose visibility...

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Website: http://www.rfidc.com

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Walmart Inventory Management | RFID Tracking - Printers

Home / Barcode Software / Asset Tracking / Immediate Inventory Management: Everyone Wins with RFID Technology at Walmart

Immediate Inventory Management: Everyone Wins with RFID Technology at Walmart

Posted by: System ID Barcode Solutions August 6, 2012

Last weekend I was in Walmart looking for some shorts when I heard the oddest noise coming from the other side of the rack. It sounded like a...

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Website: systemid.com

RFID Based Rapid Inventory of Assets | Quick Asset ...

A simple handheld RFID based solution for performing quick and regular Inventories.

Complete Your wall-to-wall audits 10X faster!

Reduce labor costs

Reconcile inventory automatically and painlessly

Search for missing asset quickly

Minimal infrastructure or process...

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Website: https://www.assetpulse.com

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The use of RFID in healthcare: Benefits and barriers ...

2010 IEEE International Conference on RFID-Technology and Applications > 128 - 134


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology not only offers tracking capability to locate equipment and people in real time, but also provides efficient and accurate access to medical data for doctors and other health professionals. However, the...

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The Difference Between NFC and RFID - NFC.Today


The Difference Between NFC and RFID

RFID and NFC are two closely related wireless communication technologies that are used globally for a vast number of applications such as access control, asset tracking and contactless payments. RFID was first patented in 1983 and is the precursor to NFC, so we will begin there.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

RFID enables a one way wireless...

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Impact of Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID ...

As hospitals have sought to reduce these costs, radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology has emerged as a solution. This study reviews existing literature to gauge the recent and potential impact and direction of the implementation of RFID in the hospital supply chain to determine current benefits and barriers of adoption. Findings show that the application of RFID to medical equipment...

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RFID Tag provides asset visibility with location accuracy.

RFID Tag provides asset visibility with location accuracy.

Press Release Summary:

Jun 25, 2007 - Supporting ISO 24730 and IEEE 802.11 (Wi-Fi) based RTLS applications, multimode WhereTag(TM) IV works with integrated wireless architecture for real-time location, messaging, telemetry, and workforce communication applications. In ISO 24730 mode, it meets need for location accuracy of 5-10 ft and...

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The ROI Of RFID For Asset Tracking - Welcome · Forrester

Why Read This Report

Asset tracking using active Wi-Fi-enabled RFID tags is getting more interest these days. Why? For one, even with the high cost of tags, there's actually a clear ROI in sight for these investments. To illustrate this, we created two conservative ROI models profiling sample companies tagging more than 1,000 assets in a three-year period. The first...

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RFID Readers and RFID Gates | Zetes


RFID Readers and RFID Gates

In processes such as asset tracking or shipment verification the use of RFID can bring significant benefits. Zetes work with partners such as Motorola (by Zebra), Intermec (by Honeywell), Zebra, Datamax, and other RFID-specialised providers, to offer any type of

RFID tags (Low, high and ultra-high frequency;...

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Stark RFID - Enterprise-level RFID Solutions - RFID and NFC

Stark MD -- Medical and Pharmaceuticals

RFID for better access control

Stark EM RFID-enabled credentials scan in and out, with the system reading hundreds of RFID wristbands, tickets and badges simultaneously. Layered access options also available.

Business intelligence / customer analytics

Stark EM location systems give you real-time updates on every move your customers make inside the venue,...

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Website: http://starkrfid.com

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Invisi-Tag: Demonstration on keeping track of your asset ...

This video demonstrates Invisi-Tag's easy and simple to use RFID...

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IDENTEC SOLUTIONS Develops Satellite Assisted Tag

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS Develops Satellite Assisted Tag

Source: Field Technologies Magazine

Contact The Supplier

Lustenau Austria and Dallas TX. -- (June 11, 2007) -- IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, the global leader in wireless tracking and tracing solutions that include award-winning intelligent long-range active RFID technology, announces the release of the first independently intelligent RFID tag.

In keeping...

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RFID Solution Provider Chennai | RFID Solutions India ...

  Hospital Resource Tracking

  Airport Security

Our services related to RFID solutions and products start from conducting free-site surveys, requirement analysis, ROI illustrations and we support you all the way through hardware supply, solution implementation and integration.


Leiten designs and builds unique RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) products that...

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Website: http://www.leitenindia.com

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RFID Systems for Wood and Paper Product Manufacturing ...


RFID Systems for Wood and Paper Product Manufacturing

Overseeing the manufacturing of wood and paper products involves managing a vast array of inventory, business processes, and personnel all with the goal of meeting daily quotas. RFID technologies assist in boosting the efficiency of wood and paper product manufacturing businesses across Canada and the U.S. by enabling the...

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RFID Consulting, RFID Consulting Company, RFID system ...

Asset Management Services:  overview |  RFID   |  RTLS   |  GPS-GSM .

RFID Consulting 

Elensoft utilizes superior radio frequency identification technology to implement a complete asset management system to allow IT systems to interact with real world assets without user intervention....

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Date: 2014-05-02 18:49:58
Website: http://elensoft.com

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The scope of RFID in smartphones - Mobile App Development ...

The scope of RFID in smartphones

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The digital world is empowering plenty of industrial sectors through with the advent mobile applications that have redefined customers' shopping experience. Mobile applications have made it easier for customers to book services or buy products as they offer two highly convenient options, i.e. online order,...

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Website: https://www.peerbits.com

Tracking Technology Using RFID in Supply Chain Management

RFID technology has recently become one of the revolutionary element in supply chain management. Companies these days want to reduce the costs of their Supply Chain without affecting the service. Here automation and smart techniques play an important role, thus leading to these organizations using RFID solutions in transforming their global supply chain. RFID has proven to increase end-to end...

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RFID for Schools Solution with TIPWeb-RFID - Hayes Software

Apply RFID tags to your assets

Record your asset record details in TIPWeb-IT

Perform inventory audits with our MC3190-Z RFID reader programmed with TIPWeb-IT with RFID software

Reconcile inventory location exceptions in TIPWeb-IT�

RFID Benefits

The primary benefit of RFID tags for physical inventory audits is the fact that multiple RFID tags can be read simultaneously and automatically. Tags...

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Website: http://www.hayessoft.com

DATATRONIC - World of Identification

Welcome to the World of Identification

We provide Solutions, Software and Hardware

With more that 30 years experience in Auto ID, Barcoding, RFID and Sensoric Wolfgang Peiritsch was a pioneer in this technology. Appointed from ILO, an UN organisation and institutions like Frauenhofer he introduced the technology in project design and software and hardware selection. To justify the feasibility of...

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Date: 2017-12-29 11:16:50
Website: http://www.datatronic.eu

Asset Management Active RFID preventive maintenance

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Even under normal operating conditions, assets can get increasingly stressed from over-use, inefficient maintenance, and aging. �So, in remote areas with�harsh environmental conditions, the picture is even grimmer. �It has become clear in the last few�years, that what has been done in the past will not be sufficient to address the growing and...

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Website: https://aiosystems.com

MineAx RFID reader - Tunnel Radio


Introducing the new MSHA-Approved MultiHop Mesh adaptation for MineAx RFID Tracking System. This new feature makes it possible to have a completely wireless deployment of personnel and asset tracking where you need it most.

Any MineAx tracking RFID reader can be configured to form a...

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Website: http://www.tunnelradio.com

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Guard RFID Healthcare Asset Tracking & Security ...

The most advanced RTLS and Security system for real-time asset tracking, location & loss prevention for hospitals

Solution Highlights:

Long-range & close-range portal detection in a single enterprise-wide system

Unique "floor discrimination" for reduced equipment location ambiguity

Self-calibrating infrastructure adapts to changes on hospital floors

Strongest immunity to wireless interference...

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Website: guardrfid.com

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Beacon® GPS, RFID, Cellular Bluetooth Asset Inventory

6) Beacon速 GPS - Cellular - RFID Construction Tracking Inventory


Monitor date and time of entrance and exit along with attributes of tools, equipment, vehicles and personnel at construction sites. Control your first and last point of contact on a construction project with real time visibility indexing.

7) Beacon速 GPS - RFID Dock Door Asset Inventory


Loading Dock Door...

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Website: http://www.beaconmicro.com

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Advantages of RFID Tags over Barcode Labels - AB&R®

The RFID market is growing and it's growing at a rapid pace. Why is it gaining so much popularity? For one, the efficiency in reading and tracking RFID tags are nearly un-matched by any other current technology. Another factor is cost. Since RFID technology is becoming more readily available and supplies are increasing, the costs are decreasing. In the past this has been a big hurdle for...

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Website: http://www.abr.com

RFID Evidence Tracking - Office Interiors of Virginia

The underlying software is designed specifically for meeting the item management requirements of law enforcement and local governments, blending the benefits of indexing (tagging), bar coding and RFID to lock-down chain of custody and provide RFID evidence tracking.

The user interface�is configured according to each customer's preferred terminology/database fields and is designed to automate...

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Website: http://www.oi-va.com

Zio - Resume for Steve Davis, Huntsville Alabama USA

My company developed an asset tracking application that originally utilized Dolphin scanners (the same ones the USPS uses) and then moved onto Passive RFID and then Active RFID...

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Website: http://www.zio.name

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RFID Labels for tracking, property control and identification

Phone: (828) 966-9529

Fax: (828) 884-4612

Standard RFID Tags are ideal for asset tracking applications on non-metal surfaces that require attachment directly to the asset. The construction completely encapsulates the inlay sealing it from environmental...

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Date: 2011-03-17 02:12:42
Website: http://www.barcode-rfid-labels.com

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Asset Management Software | CMMS, MES, RFID | MASS Group

If you need to track asset movement, depreciation lifecycles, manufacturing maintenance schedules, inventory numbers or production genealogy, we have a solution for your business.

Our Products, Your Solutions

With more than 16 years of experience implementing enterprise software systems for...

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Website: http://www.massgroup.com

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RFID on metal - Wikipedia

The RFID-on-metal tags are designed to compensate for the effects of metal. There are several tag design methods to create ROM tags. The original method was to provide a spacer to shield the tag antenna from the metal, creating bigger tags. New techniques focus on specialized antenna design that utilizes the metal interference and signal...

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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) 101 - AIM

A basic�Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system consists of three components:

An antenna or coil

A transceiver (with decoder)

A transponder (RF tag) electronically programmed with unique information

The antenna emits radio signals to activate the tag and to read and write data to it.

The reader emits radio waves in ranges of anywhere from one inch to 100 feet or more, depending upon its...

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Website: http://www.aimglobal.org

RFID Health Care Solutions for Hospital Asset Tracking ...

Solution Overview


"S3Edge's commitment to quality, flexibility, and RFID domain expertise in deploying enterprise-ready software in an operationally challenging environment using a variety of devices, is second to none. Their approach to deploying a scalable Real-Time Visibility & Control System has allowed us to take a complex, emerging technology and convert it into a competitive...

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Website: http://www.s3edge.com

RFID FAQs - Barcoding, Inc.

Check out some of our most frequently asked questions about RFID (radio frequency identification) technology. Since 1998, we've helped companies add the power of RFID to their businesses. We can help you too!

Have a question we didn't cover? Please contact us !

FAQs on RFID Technology and RFID Systems

What is RFID?

RFID, or Radio Frequency IDentification, is a data collection method that...

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Website: http://www.barcoding.com

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Active RFID vs Passive RFID | Wave Reaction RFID Tracking

by wavereaction | Jul 6, 2015 | Brain Waves | 0 comments

Active RFID vs Passive RFID

5 (100%) 3 votes

How do they work? What are their similarities? Their differences? Is one better than the other? People unfamiliar with Radio Frequency Identification often question how active and passive forms compare. Here are some simple, comprehendible answers that should catch you up to speed on a quickly...

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Website: http://wavereaction.com

FIXpoint - Active/passive RFID reader, WiFi, PoE, USB ...

FIXpoint Michael Fokin 2016-11-21T11:28:32+00:00

Ultimate IoT Reader

Download Infosheet

Asset Tracking With RFID

The FIXpoint 3G/4G RFID Reader is an incredibly powerful 2 port passive UHF RFID reader that provides users with the option to expand up to 16 ports.

Based on an integrated MediaTek Processor that runs at 580MHz, it allows for fast data processing and executes multiple tasks almost...

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Website: http://www.fleet-metrix.com

RFID Hardware - ttsys.com


RFID Hardware

TransTech Systems offers varied, powerful solutions for UHF RFID Asset Tracking, Inventory Control, Real-Time Localization and many other applications.

TransTech carries; Fixed and Integrated UHF Readers, Handheld readers, Antennae and cabling, Tags, Labels and ID Badges, Networked Cameras  and UHF...

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Date: 2016-10-24 17:55:24
Website: http://www.ttsys.com

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Hospital Active RFID Tags - Elpas


Healthcare Tags

Elpas offers application specific Active RFID Tags to help safeguard medical patients, assisted living residents and staff personnel and to better manage high-value medical delivery assets.

Deploying Elpas Active RFID Tags can help healthcare professionals to:

  o Better protect patients, residents and staff personnel

  o Enhance patient and resident care levels 

  o Improve regulatory compliance

  o Increase asset usage while preventing shrinkage

  o Reduce labor intensive staff assignments

  o Lessen spoilage of perishables


No Resources available at this time


Product offerings and specifications are subject to...

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Website: http://www.elpas.com

Home | Wavetrend

Wavetrend leads the field in asset visibility and access control, providing award-winning active RFID technology that offers complete security and tracking solutions to organisations across the globe.

The RFID advantage, customised for your business

Wavetrend has been instrumental in developing active radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology and in identifying its potential for...

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Website: wavetrend.net

Passive RFID | RFID Discovery

Benefits of passive RFID

Passive radio frequency identification (RFID) technology provides a cost-effective solution to automatically identify and locate large numbers of assets or stock in a variety of different organisations including healthcare. In hospitals passive RFID labels can significantly reduce the timespent on checking inventory and locating specific equipment, improving inventory...

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Website: http://rfiddiscovery.com

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GPS Container Tracking - GPS Tracking devices, long ...

GPS Container Tracking NFC Group 2015-07-22T14:43:00+00:00

Container Tracking Solutions ��

RFID GPS Container Tracking System

Container Tracking �System - Summary

There are more than�seventeen�million shipping containers scattered around�the�world's�oceans�at�any given�point in�time. The loss of these containers and a lack of asset visibility whilst at sea can have a...

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Website: tracks360.com

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