Uhf Rfid Rfid Reader Module For Arduino Or To Raspberry Pi ...


Product Picture:�

Company Information

Shenzhen Vanch Intelligent was established in2005, one of the earliest UHF RFID products manufacture and application solutions supplier in China.VANCH products were widely used in City Smart transportation, Electric power system, asset and logistics management, the world's top 500...

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Website: alibaba.com

UHF RFID Printer for RFID paper tags encoding - Alibaba

UHF RFID Printer for RFID paper tags encoding

l����������Based on proprietary intellectual property development, printer adapt to global band set to work.

l����������Metal structure and industrial level print performance, can be competent for all customer requirements.

l����������Metal structure and industrial level print...

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Website: http://vanch.en.alibaba.com

심천 사물인터넷 박람회 IOTE 2017 - icetour.co.kr

[RFID Products]

RFID Chip (Compliant with LF, ISO15693, ISO14443, ISO18000 and EPC standards)

RFID label antenna (made of aluminum, sliver, copper, and etc), productive machine of RFID label antenna

RFID standard cards or RFID labels

Special RFID tags (with special form, or applied in extremely environments, such high temperature, high pressure, metallic and chemical environment)


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Website: http://www.icetour.co.kr

Wifi Long Range Rfid Handheld Reader - Manufacturers ...

Wifi Long Range Rfid Handheld Reader - Manufacturers, Factory, Suppliers From China

In order to give you convenience and enlarge our business, we also have inspectors in QC Team and assure you our best service and product for Wifi Long Range Rfid Handheld Reader, Brand Of Thermal Printer , Handheld Wireless Barcode Terminal , Industrial Handheld PDA , We Sincerely welcome clients from all around the entire world to visit us, with our multifaceted cooperation and get the job done with each other to develop new markets, build win-win outstanding future. Our company...

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Website: zkc-pda.com

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UHF RFID Long Range Reader India - attendancepune.com

UHF5000 is a High Performance UHF RFID reader for long range operation. This is UHF RFID Reader with inbuilt antenna which can read UHF Cards from distance up to 15 meters. Read range depends upon type of card. Reader is integrated with 12dBi linear polarized UHF Far Field antenna. This reader can be used for Electronic Toll Collection System.

Operation Frequency of this UHF RFID Reader...

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Date: 2014-06-27 09:47:26
Website: http://www.attendancepune.com

RFID Cards & Badges for Events | IDentilam

Home / ID Card & Badge Software / Delegate tracking: badge & track / RFID cards & badges

RFID cards & badges

All of our badge types are available with an RFID tag or inlay for use with Badge & Track using either short range or long range UHF technology.

Short range RFID:

Requires each card or badge to be scanned using a handheld RFID reader or tapped on desktop or wall mounted readers positioned around the venue to record...

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Website: http://www.identilam.co.uk

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RFID Hardware - ttsys.com


RFID Hardware

TransTech Systems offers varied, powerful solutions for UHF RFID Asset Tracking, Inventory Control, Real-Time Localization and many other applications.

TransTech carries; Fixed and Integrated UHF Readers, Handheld readers, Antennae and cabling, Tags, Labels and ID Badges, Networked Cameras  and UHF...

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Date: 2016-10-24 17:55:24
Website: http://www.ttsys.com

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RFID WiFi Reader | Hackaday.io

Publishing RFID tag with wifi is a great idea and there will be lots of usage areas. There are very cheap RFID readers (like RC522) around for a while and bringing them together with our great hero esp8266 WiFi chip seems to me a good idea. You of course can find other palaces to use this device. You can easily record the data in a database. The id and the time-stamp of reading the key-fob or...

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Website: https://hackaday.io

Products - Wireless Dynamics, Inc.

SDiD 1010


Wireless Dynamics Inc. is the first in the industry to announce the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Reader/Writer SD (Secure Digital) Card. Our expertise in wireless and portable technologies, has led to the creation of the SDiD[TM] Card - a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Reader/Writer SD (Secure Digital) Card that turns Personal Digital...

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Website: http://www.wdi.ca

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ICStation Mifare Wifi Board RC522 RFID 13.56Mhz Module ...

Home > Wireless Module > RFID Module > ICStation Mifare Wifi Board RC522 RFID 13.56Mhz Module Wireless Module for Arduino SPI Writer Reader IC Card

ICStation Mifare Wifi Board RC522 RFID 13.56Mhz Module Wireless Module for Arduino SPI Writer Reader IC Card

Item ID:

Wholesale discount start from 100pcs can be offered.

If you are interested in it, feel free to contact our service team:...

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Website: http://www.icstation.com

Problems With RFID - Technovelgy

Technical problems with RFID

Problems with RFID Standards

RFID has been implemented in different ways by different manufacturers; global standards are still being worked on. It should be noted that some RFID devices are never meant to leave their network (as in the case of RFID tags used for inventory control within a company). This can cause problems for companies.

Consumers may also have...

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Website: http://www.technovelgy.com

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Track & Trace | RFID in Europe

Mobile +47 90 36 64 48

Niklas Hild, Project Manager Swedish

eTrace pilot- Niklas.hild@roi4u.se

mobile: +46 709981370

RFID technology helps Sonoco-Alcore better serve its paper core customers

Sonoco-Alcore, a wholly ownedsubsidiary of Sonoco with 30 tube and core plants and six paper mills in Europe, is using UPM Raflatac DogBone RFID tags in its fiber-based cores to help customers reduce costs...

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Date: 2017-03-04 03:47:48
Website: http://www.rfidineurope.eu

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List of Global RFID Companies in Taiwan - Page 3

Fingerprint Time Clock System (TC-100),Fingerprint Based Attendance,Fingerprint Based Access Control,Fingerprint Based Door Locks,RFID Time Clock System (TC-100R),,,.

Address:14F, No. 253, Dong Sec. 1, Guang Ming 6th Rd.

RFID Products,Mini System,Workstation,All in One PC,Portable Computer,Motherboard,Single Board Computer,PC System Case,,,.

Address:No.29, Jhongsing Road., SijhihCity, Taipei County 221,

Wireless rf connector, antenna lightning surge protector, wifi accessories, rfid tag,Wireless Networking Equipment,.

Address:12, Lane 84,...

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Website: http://www.companiess.com

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RFID-radar - A new identification technology - Introduction

Competitive technologies

Ranging beacons

These are very sophisticated transponders that are attached to expensive military hardware in warehouses for locating where the "Military tank is parked". The transponders cost more than US$1000 each and the warehouse has to be fitted with ranging beacons all over the warehouse to provide triangulation.


GPS units fitted in each...

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Date: 2017-12-08 07:40:24
Website: http://www.rfid-radar.com

Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology, Vulnerabilities ...

The Near Field Communication (NFC) is a set of standards for mobile devices designed to establish radio communication with each other by being touched together or brought within a short distance. The NFC standard regulates a radio technology that allows two devices to communicate when they are in close proximity, usually no more than a few centimeters, allowing the secure exchange of...

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Website: http://resources.infosecinstitute.com

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Rfid Equipment in US | Hotfrog US

Miles Technologies is a leading provider of RFID asset tracking solutions

Rfid ReadersRfid TrackingRfid Tags

Algonquin, IL

(847) 705-9727

Unified Barcode & RFID supports more than 40 leading brands of Barcode & RFID equipment. Barcode Scanners, Barcode Printers and Barcode Labels. We also offer a complete line of Data Collection Solutions including Documen...

Rfid SolutionsData Collection...

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Website: https://www.hotfrog.com

How to setup a Raspberry Pi RFID RC522 Chip - Pi My Life Up

Ethernet Network Connection or  Wifi dongle (The Pi 3 has WiFi inbuilt)

Assembling the RFID RC522

One thing you will notice when purchasing an RFID RC522 Reader is that 90% of them don't come with the header pins already soldered in. This means you will have to do it yourself, luckily soldering header pins is a rather simple task, even for beginners.

1. First off if the header pins you received...

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Website: https://pimylifeup.com

Types of RFID - Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Partners and Donors

3.��� Types of RFID

The single acronym RFID is used to describe a variety of radio technologies, optimized for different types of applications. �The key distinctions are in the radio frequency band employed for communications, the means by which the RFID tag is powered, and the conventions used for communicating between the tag and the reader.

Electromagnetic waves are...

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Website: http://polygait.calpoly.edu

Android UHF Handheld RFID Scanner - RFID Tag, RFID Reader ...

Android UHF Handheld RFID Scanner

By DAILY RFID -- Cathy

April 20th, 2017

DAILY RFID�Android UHF Handheld RFID Scanner�is the perfect choice for RFID Smart inventory, stock-taking and data collection purpose. DAILY RFID which has exported a quantity of productions to the major regions of the world and benefited millions of people is the leading RFID manufacturer with top technique and...

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Date: 2017-10-23 14:14:44
Website: rfid-in-china.com

RFID for Hospitals | Healthcare RFID

RFID Healthcare and RFID Hospitals

Many years ago we worked with a number of larger hospitals trying to introduce RFID Heathcare.� At that time one of the projects was to track wheelchairs moving out of the hospital.

Apparently the wheelchairs went missing on a regular basis as patients or clients as they were called; accidentally left the facility in the wheelchair which was not supposed to...

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Website: http://www.skyrfid.com

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KEYTROLLER 601 COLOR LCD Vehicle Monitoring System

Driver presses START to start vehicle, STOP to shut down NO KEYS!!!


First start of shift requires operator to complete electronic checklist - failed critical items shut down vehicle


Time limit to complete checklist. Begins counting down warning operator of impending shut down if checklist not completed


If an operator...

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Date: 2017-12-10 02:46:42
Website: http://www.keytroller.com

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ALR-H450 Connected Handheld RFID Reader User Manual ALR ...

Connected Handheld RFID Reader User Manual ALR-H450 Alien Technology, LLC

Alien Technology, LLC Connected Handheld RFID Reader

Trouble Viewing? See the or view the HTML Version or PDF in frame

Alien Technology, LLCALIEN® ALR-H450Handheld TerminalUser Manual Alien Technology, LLCALIEN® CATALOGUE Chapter 1 Getting Started...

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Website: fccid.io

serial - Arduino with Parallax RFID reader storing ...

I am quite new to electronics and have been tinkering around with this Arduino UNO w/ WiFi Shield and the Parallax RFID R/W Module.

Link to the RFID Module: http://www.parallax.com/Store/Accessories/CommunicationRF/tabid/161/ProductID/688/List/0/Default.aspx?SortField=ProductName,ProductName

Link to it's Data Sheet:...

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Website: electronics.stackexchange.com

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RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) - DonsNotes

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

Under Construction.

2015 seems to be the year of contactless payment and ID systems with the rollout of Apple Pay to compete with Google Wallet and chips on credit cards.

RFID tags:

- Passive RFID tags do not have a transmitter; they simply reflect back energy (radio frequendy (RF) waves) coming from the reader antenna.

These are the type used on credit cards...

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Date: 2015-04-21 23:43:42
Website: http://donsnotes.com

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Technology expected ...

NEW YORK, May 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --


The global radio frequency identification (RFID) technology market is estimated to reach USD 40.5 billion by 2025, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc.

The industry is expected to witness a steady growth owing to the increasing demand from the retail sector and the healthcare industry.

RFID technology has been in use for several...

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Website: https://finance.yahoo.com

ExpoTools - RFID Solutions + Service

Here are some of the items available for these services:


A light weight, battery powered RFID reader with color graphical LCD display and touchscreen. Features include: WiFi capable, Direct to Web, Assistance Request, Custom Qualifiers, Custom Surveys, Remote Monitoring, Wireless Printing, Wireless Connect to PC, operates 30-40 hours on a single charge. More Info.


An economical solution for tracking traffic flow within an event venue. Passive, non-contact tracking with 99% accuracy. Reads UHF 915 Mhz RFID tags. For doorways up to 7 feet wide. More...

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Website: http://www.expotools.biz

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IntelliFIND - Libramation RFID - Radio Frequency ...

Real-time business intelligence and reporting

Asset Tracking equipment:


Tags :-

Identify items(by electronic serial number) and store information regarding the items and their history (ie. temperature). Tags are available in a variety of configurations to meet the data requirements of users.

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS' ILR i-B tags are tags designed to be cost effective, easy to implement and maintain,...

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Date: 2011-11-07 12:00:00
Website: http://www.libramation.com

ZeroWire.in - Lowest price Biometric Fingerprint, RFID ...

Only Fingerprint (RFID support optional) + Password Attendance Device.

2,000 fingerprint templates,

Can support upto 800 employees when used with ID+FP authentication method for better speed. But suggested for up to 300 employees if only FP authentication is used for better speed,

Can register up to 2 fingerprints + password per employee.

Log capacity :...

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Website: http://www.zerowire.in

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Microscale Embedded

Microscale Embedded Ltd is an electronics design and manufacturing company. Our mission is to make the local production of hi-tech products economically viable for Nigerians. As a result, we offer electronics design and manufacturing services to clients in Nigeria. Our products and services are designed to make it easier for our clients to design and manufacture hi-tech products at a cost that...

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Date: 2015-10-29 19:12:55
Website: http://www.microscale-embedded.com

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Active RFID Technology-Active Tags

Active RFID Technology-Active Tags

The tags for personnel can be worn using standard ID card straps or lanyards. Active tags are available in a variety of form factors, such as Key fob, Vehicle and Personnel. Personnel Tags have a standard ID card footprint (CR80) for attaching a photo ID and are available with Panic Button.

Key Features:

Tags constantly transmit a heart beat radio frequency pulse every 2 seconds

Have on-board Power Source (Battery)

Tags are always awake, due to embedded battery

Long life battery technology - up to 5 years for a tag

High impact resistant UV stabilized PVC case ultrasonically welded and sealed

9 cm to...

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Website: http://www.remotetrackingsystems.com

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Bill Production Documentation Tutorials

How send Serial Scale/Balance weight into your application

Comment envoyer le poids d'une balance sériel dans votre application


How send USB Scale/Balance weight into your application

** Supports several Postal Scales: Pitney Bowes, X.J., CHARDER, Pelouze, SANFORD, DYMO, Endicia, ELANE.XM, Elane Plus BT...

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Date: 2016-04-01 15:54:47
Website: http://www.billproduction.com

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