Interfacing PHPoC Blue with Wiegand RFID reader and reading with web socket

The Wiegand interface is a de-facto standard which gets RFID card data through the 2 signal wires - D0 and D1.


The PHPoC Blue is interfaced with a RFID card reader through the Wiegand interface. When a RFID card is tagged to the RFID card reader, it sends the card information to the PHPoC Blue through the Wiegand interface.

1. PHPoC Blue with a USB WIFI dongle.

2. RFID reader (it is from -...

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From: Sollae Insider

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CLOUD GATE by SoloInsight

Testing the first production run of CloudGate in our China facility...

Conceived in Chicago, Designed and Developed in Lahore, Produced in Shenzhen...

an Ultimate IOT Smart Gate loaded with 3D Facial + Both Iris and Palm Vein Recognition, Gloves Supported wide angle viewing highest resolution touch screens, Dynamic Lighting Control, QR Code Reader, RFID Card Reader with support of 45 types of RFID technologies, NFC, WiFi and Active RTLS Asset Tracking, 360 degree surveillance with in-built...

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JTSP501operating video

Advantage for RFID Reader JTSP501501

HF RFID reader

1.Powerful, with 2G / 3G communication, barcode scanning,GPS, Bluetooth, NFC,wifi,2 million pixel camera, OTG data transfer,audio and video playback capabilities

2.Can be connected with many peripheral devices,good compatibility.

3.Customers can download the appropriate Android application software according to their needs, to fully meet the diverse needs of customers function

rfid Card Reader PDA3501 application fields:


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From: Huang Jason

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