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RFID Readers and RFID tags are a super fun technology to use in your DIY and education projects. With the explosion in Arduino popularity adding an Arduino RFID Shield to your projects can easily add wireless tagging of objects and IDs....

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Diy usb rfid reader -

Demonstrating the motorized lock on my home alarm system based on the Raspberry Pi. The lock has been used daily for almost half a year now. The alarm ...


You can build an RFID reader/writer using Arduino Uno project box for less than pound. This step by step instruction is what I follow to make an Arduino box ...


This week we take an RFID reader and attach it to an arduino. We first show you how the RFID reader works by sending in the TAGID on the RFID Tag. Then we ...


How to build an RFID Reader part 1 - Should you use Discrete Components, RFID Reader Chip...

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Reusable (can be re-assigned) Zero production costs (purchased ready-to-use from vendor) ... Red applications not able to use WLANs. Green can use either WLAN ...

| PowerPoint PPT presentation | free to download

ID Tech Solutions is a prominent RFID Tags manufacturer and supplier located in New Delhi, INDIA�. We are recognized for our top quality and...

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The lifecycle of an RFID "smart home" - RFID Arena

The lifecycle of an RFID "smart home"

11 June 2013

Radio frequency identification (RFID) might soon be available for homeowners, offering them greater convenience in their everyday life as well as protecting them from unexpected costs and damages.

Author: Marcela De Vivo

Today, RFID tags are being used for a variety of applications. While RFID technology is becoming more and more popular...

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How to setup a Raspberry Pi RFID RC522 Chip - Pi My Life Up

Ethernet Network Connection or  Wifi dongle (The Pi 3 has WiFi inbuilt)

Assembling the RFID RC522

One thing you will notice when purchasing an RFID RC522 Reader is that 90% of them don't come with the header pins already soldered in. This means you will have to do it yourself, luckily soldering header pins is a rather simple task, even for beginners.

1. First off if the header pins you received...

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[VIDEO]125Khz HID Proxdata card copier / programmer ...

Tech Insider

9 months ago

Almost everyone uses an RFID badge to get into their office or apartment, and it's a lot easier than you might think for someone to steal the data on your card to gain access. A group of white hat hackers called RedTeam Security cloned one of our work IDs to show us just how quickly they can do it from as far as 3-6 feet away. Produced by Chris Snyder Read more: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: TUMBLR:...

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Duct tape RFID tag #1 | scanlime

Duct tape RFID tag #1

This is just a messy first prototype, but I recently tried making an AVRFID tag on a substrate of duct tape. The first attempt involved:

An upside-down strip of duct tape, as the base for everything else to stick atop

100 turns of AWG 40 magnet wire around a ~66mm diameter form, which I then haphazardly squished against the tape

An ATtiny85...

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RFID for asset tracking | InfoWorld

How to remove malware

Earlier this month, I went to Palo Alto, Calif., to meet with scientists Cyril Brignone, Craig Sayers, and Salil Pradhan. They demonstrated for me a practical IT asset-tracking solution for datacenters, designed around RFID technology and software visualization.

Brignone and Sayers are research scientists at the sentient environments department at HP Labs. Together with...

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