U Grok It Booth Interview | RFID Journal Live! 2016

Grokker: http://rfidatl.as/2d0D4kA

The U Grok It Grokker UHF RFID Reader is a easy-to-use, handheld RFID reader. It is a plug-and-play device that allows users to get started with RFID without the large costs typically associated with RFID readers. It is suited for most applications that are using RFID to identify, locate, track and take accurate inventory. With three unique apps on the Apple and Android app store, this reader contains everything you need to get started.

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From: Atlas RFID Store

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Handheld RFID Reader goes RTLS with GPS & Cellular

The CS101 handheld reader captures the GPS location where RFID tag reads, bar codes scans, keyboard, or touch-screen operations occur and then instantly communicates that information using the same technology as a mobile phone - all for around $2,800. In this episode of RDIF.net, we put it to the test. Host: Louis Sirico.

CS101 Handheld Reader is the longest read range, highest read rate and highest read yield UHF RFID handheld reader in the world. It enables lightning fast inventory of cases...

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UHF RFID Bluetooth Handheld Reader

This video demonstrates the BlueReader-X1, which is a relatively low cost UHF handheld reader with a Bluetooth link to a smart phone.

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From: tagsense2009

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Alien ALR-H450 Handheld RFID Reader

Alien ALR-H450: http://rfidatl.as/2bQXVDs

Read More: http://rfidatl.as/2c3ZSox

The Alien ALR-H450 is a new, handheld UHF RFID considered as one of the best handheld RFID readers on the market. It has Incredible performance while being very intuitive and user-friendly. The 2-D barcode scanner, enhanced 4 dBic Circular antenna, and low-cost make this reader perfect for all types of deployments.

Applications: Manufacturing, File Tracking, Asset Tracking

For more information on RFID read our...

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From: Atlas RFID Store

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iRFID500 handheld Bluetooth passive UHF RFID reader

Introducing the new iRFID500 - a powerful passive UHF RFID tag reader designed to work either with a smartphone or tablet, or as a standalone device. Lightweight and highly functional, the iRFID500 helps you improve efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce costs. Designed by Extronics, a company with over 24 years' experience in hazardous areas and industrial environments, the iRFID500 is ideal for applications such as asset management, auditing and compliance, and managing...

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From: Extronics Ltd

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quipos offers a revolutionary infrastructure for complex venues such as stadiums, arenas and amusement parks. "quipos one" handhelds can be flexibly used for diverse service tasks because of their built in barcode reader, magnet stripe reader and RFID reader/writer.

But even when using just selected premium components within our handhelds, we still have to test its functionality reliably while keeping cost down. Get a glimpse behind the scenes and find out how we addressed the challenge to...

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From: QuiposSolutions

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